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A politico-religious memeplex created by Vos5 Jensan, an uploaded and enhanced clone of Vosia Jensan XI, Matriarch of Helen IV hab in the Neli-Neti system.

Jensanism is characterized by a devotion to an anarcho-communist lifestyle, direct democracy, consensus rule, and large emotionally and physically unrestrained public festivals. Vos5 Jansen was persecuted for its beliefs by Matriarch Vosia Jensan and only survived because one of its disciples smuggled it out of the system on a visiting relativist ship.

The colony of Jensan was founded by Jensanists in 5309 AT. Fundamentalist Jensanism returned to the Neli-Neti system several thousand years later, culmination in the Hermione war in 9512.

In the Current Era Jensanism is most commonly found on struggling new colonies and in various fringe sub-cultures; the religious, political and philosophical aspects of cult have become largely insignificant on Jensan itself, although the festivals linger on in modified form.

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Text by John Snead
Additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 06 October 2001.