Newton and the Newton Mass Transcendance

Image from Steve Bowers
Before the transcension most of the population lived in bubblehabs in the atmosphere of Newton, a large ringed gas giant

In 8344 AT, the Newton system (Beta Oolonga, currently in Metasoft space) underwent a Keterist awakening, and over the span of twenty years a massive project of augmentation was instituted. In 8365 most contact with the system was lost, as it appears that over a very short span of time practically all the inhabitants ascended en-masse to transapient status.

The Newton System Intellect that emerged remained in limited contact with the neighbouring systems for a short while before migrating to Keter Space.

Following this event a large number of transapientech artifacts were abandoned in the system, and scavengers, clarketech hunters and transcension chasers descended on the system, some obtaining remarkable wealth and marvelous salvaged devices, others finding only disappointment, danger or death. Eventually the system was claimed by a Metasoft Seraiph, who declared that the system was too dangerous for unauthorised modosophonts.

Currently the system is a research protectorate of Metasoft.

The Total Mass Retain
Image from Steve Bowers
The Total Mass Retain, a reactionless drive ship obtained by Transcension Chasers in this system

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 09 December 2001.