Provolution Timeline

The history of efforts to raise non-human species to full sentience and sophonce

Provolution timeline
Image from Steve Bowers
Note: A number of other significant milestones in the history of non-human intelligence are also included for reference and comparison purposes. All dates in the AT calendar.

The Solsys Era

The Information Age

60's - Genetic therapy for humans becomes increasingly acceptable.

65 - Computer power equivalent to human brain is available at consumer level prices, but suitable software lags behind. True sentient Artificially Intelligent entities do not yet exist.

67 - Widespread non-sentient robot development.

70 - AI science achieves semi-sentient algorithms. Whilst not yet sophont or capable of human equivalent general intelligence these programs were capable of impressive feats in specific fields.

90 - First human equivalent artificial intelligence (AI) developed on distributed supercomputer clusters. For a while classification as human equivalent was doubtful as the AI were quite toposophically different to baselines, this hindered effective communication.

90's - Cyborg augmentations developed that allow domestic animals to understand aspects of basic human speech.

94 - First convincing dinosaur 'reverse engineered' by modifying chicken DNA. It is the size of a turkey and does not resemble any known species.

102 - After twelve years of exhaustive experimentation with AI and human intelligence augmentation the first AI with superior intelligence in all areas is created and quickly dubs itself a 'superturing'.

104 - First artificial wombs created

112 - Burning Library Project complete

114 - Human intelligence augmentation shareware becomes available, principally memory and concentration boosters.

The Interplanetary Age

160 - Superbright human tweaks born in increasing numbers; these do not represent a new species, however, since they are very diverse and do not yet breed true.

175 - First truly different human clade revealed (The Merpeople).

185 - First human equivalent autonomous moravec robots (vecs); before this date independently mobile robots were limited to sub-human intelligence by law. Limits to processor capability result in these early vecs being of considerable size, comparable to terrestrial megafauna.

212 - First partially provolved animal species revealed (sapient bonobo). Over several generations of bonobo intelligence is raised to human adult level, along with language capabilities. The project is very controversial, not least due to the many bonobos inflicted with mental disabilities in the course of developing the techniques.

220 - First Calebs Talking dogs (not yet fully sophont)

c. 250 - Beginning of dolphin provolution efforts

280's-310's - Provolution programs for several species are started, including programs for several mammals, birds, and some hybrid species.

280 - First siberoo (kangaroo/tiger splice) provolves; initially they are borderline sapient.

295 - Corvid provolution program begins

300-400 - Spread of early pan-sophontist beliefs; sapientbonobos and sapientchimps generally come to be recognized as sophont.

c. 300 - African Gray Parrots provolved (first successful avian provolves)

c. 300 - Calebs, provolved neo-dogs, raised to full sophonce.

330 - Neogen/splice Siberoo species employed at snowy tourist resorts as rescue animals.

340 - Huginn and Muninn (corvid) provolution program successful

c. 350 AT - Asian elephants are provolved; the resulting species are known as Sufants (short for Superphants)

c. 350 - Neo-pigs provolution program successful

366 - First Neo-dolphins (Tursiops sapiens) unveiled by GeneTEK & CTC

384 - A group of merpeople petition the UN suggesting that the oceans should no longer be regarded as the property of the world community, but rather as the nation of the merpeople. This is unsuccessful, and prejudice against tweak humans and other genetically modified sophonts increases among unmodified, baseline humans.

400 - Fully provolved Siberoo individuals occupy executive positions in certain polar research facilitiies

400-500 - Some small independent colonies of sapientchimps and sapientbonobos established in Solsys away from Old Earth

410 - Rat provolves developed at the Rat Barrel. Among these clade Raffin will be numerous and robust enough to survive the Technocalypse.

Solsys Golden Age

c. 500 - Modified starfish are developed as non-sapient underwater workers; these will eventually be developed into the Streya clade.

c. 500 - First work towards provolution of ray-finned fishes (Acties); fully sapient acties will not emerge until Federation times

c. 510 - First serious splits within the pan-sophontist movement over how much freedom and independence provolve clades need to have

526 - Ferret provolves (Putorians) created; they become extinct during the Technocalypse

The Age of the Technocalypse

c. 570+ - Dolphin provolves survive only on Old Earth, Okeanos Habitat, and surviving Genetekker orbitals. Old Earth dolphins are cut off from other Terragens, and Genetekker dolphins merge their lines with other Genen, but Okeanos Habitat's Neo-dolphins will go on to found many clades.

580 - Best Friend of Man League established for the protection of baseline and provolved canines in the current crisis.

c. 830 - GAIA, Children of GAIA, and factions in the Okeanos Habitat begin collaboration on several whale provolution projects that will result in the Gaian Whales over the next millennium.

The Interstellar Era

The Early Federation Age

During The First Federation era humans and AIs begin to treat provolves as equals in many systems; the first provolve colonies such as Hwii, Rufus and Bolobo are established during this period.

973 - Clade Shepbra provolves created based on gecko splices; they are among the first fully viable lizard provolves.

1001 - Institute for Primate Provolution founded

Middle Federation/ Megacorps Age

1245 - Modified starfish successfully provolved (Streyas)

1309 - First complete Human Upgrade Package released from IPP's Kasekala Habitat

1350 - Bonobo and Chimp Upgrade Packages released from IPP's Goodall Habitat; Eja template becomes popular with bonobo provolves and results in a distinct clade.

1430 - Bitenic Squid provolves created on Europa

1432 - Hwiii, the first pure dolphin colony world founded on Zeta Tucanae II. The original settlers had destroyed themselves when the cometary bombardment they used to add water to the planet. The planet was later recolonized.

1499 Bitenic Squid start to accelerate their own provolution.

Late Federation/ AI Emergence Age

c. 1800 - Early blue whale provolves

1805 - Gorilla Provolve Project from IPP's Fossey Habitat (origin of Clade Ngagi)

c. 1980 - Gaian Whales emerge from from Old Earth and have a significant impact on late Federation culture

1822 - Bolobo is established in the HR 8323 system as a sapientbonobo world

1899 - Rufus is colonized by an expedition consisting primarily of dog provolves

Age of Expansion

2143 - Orang Provolve Project from IPP's Galdikas Habitat (origin of Clade Mawas)

2479 - IPP completes Siamang and Gibbon Provolve Project

Age of Establishment

2600 - Oro Mistral colonised; the first provolved whale colony

2730 - IPP completes Capuchin and Gelada Projects

3097 - Xenobiont presapient Lignosaggitae discovered

Inner Sphere Era

Age of Interstellar Empires

3444 - Jhairrn colonised by Sufants

c. 3500 - GEvidian is actively provolving lazurogened dinosaur species

c. 3500 - Probable origin of the Vedokiklek, an arthropod splice/provolve clade

3665 - Subsapient Rheolithoids (evolved inorganic organisms) cultured away from their native world

c. 3800 - Walking Mountain, composite plant/insect organisms, provolved

The Integration

4001 - A clade of heterodox dolphin colonists from Hwii arrive at the Black Acropolis habitats, fleeing the rigidity and conservatism of Okeanism.

4146 - Aroostai provolves developed

Version War Period

c. 4500 - Alseids, provoloved plant species, developed

c. 4500 - First record of Clade Tavi, in the Utopia sphere (precise date & time of origin unknown)

c. 4580 - Deorvyn begins a project to create a large number of provolve and other clades in the Newlife system

Com Emp Period

4670 - Lignosaggitae (xenobionts) provolved

5080 - Rheolithoids (evolved inorganic xeno organisms) provolved

Post ComEmp Era

Age of Fragmentation

c. 5200 - Malacologists of New Duibbyat are actively provolving baseline mollusc species

Age of Re-Evaluation

5533 - Hhrraiirah colonised by Sufants

5603 - Atrocities committed by Deorvyn and eir copies against the multiple provolve and other biont clades e created in the Newlife system are revealed; clades Kanumae and Keruing are among the survivors and spread into the rest of the Terragen sphere.

Age of Separate Empires

c. 5900 - Malacologists of New Duibbyat create Clade Aruan, the smallest natural-brain sophont provolves.

Age of Crisis

6736 - Rhesus monkey provolve cyborgs created on the Periphery; later rescued by avatars of Sun Wu K'ung and offered restorative work by the IPP, these will become the Metal Monkey clade.

Central Alliance Age

c. 7200 - Brain Kelp (brown algae provolves) created by the S3 entity Angel Road on Garvek's World

7465 - Anttechians developed, provolves based on nests of social insects

7620-7650 - Screethraw (presapient xenobionts) provolved

Outer Volumes Era

Age of Expansionist New Empires

8359 - Greater Superchimp colony Nike (Nekay) begins a program of colonisation in the Centaurus Vector via the Wormhole nexus.

8515 - Ungulate provovles colonise Amboseli.

8693 - Human and dolphin refuges from the Gerkletoss rebellion/transcendence arrive in the system and begin to terraform Skiiws'nnii and exploit the resources of the system.

c. 9150 - Envomes, sapient ecosystems developed in the Zoeific Biopolity habitat of Tiphareph VI

Current Era

9953 - Presapient Jade Chime Singers discovered by Tavi/Faber colonists

10377 - Jade Chime Singer xenoprovolve clade becomes known to the rest of the Terragen Sphere

10400 - Greater Superchimp empire in the Outer Centaurus volume now consists of more than a hundred worlds.
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