Late Federation and early Expansion Age hyperturing maverick gengineer and lazurogenicist, responsible for the creation of many dinosaur provolve clades

Image from Steve Bowers

GEvidian (also known as GEvidan or GEvidia9) established emself as a Late Federation and Expansion Age hyperturing lazurogenicist, formerly of CisJovian Neogenics, who, in cooperation with the Jurassica Institute, established the Borrahsars (or Dorrahsa) on the continent Borrahland of the planet Owen.

GEvidian soon tired of the Borrahsars, and, during the Integration Age, with the help of eir bioborg rianth acolytes the Dino Kids, undertook a number of astonishing provolution experiments, which grew increasingly extravagant as the centuries went on. Early on, e had developed a technique using generous wetware and symbiotic neurobionanotech to augment the modest dinosaurian brain into an organ capable of supporting a fully sophont mind, although only occasionally were grafted bionic forelimbs provided.

By this quite efficient method, e was able to provolve half a dozen species of sauropods (one species each from the genera Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Hypselosaurus, Amargosaurus, and the prosauropod Plateosaurus), two stegosaur species (Stegosaurus and Kentrosaurus), seven ornithopods (Hypsilophodon, Dryosaurus, Camptosaurus, Iguanodon, Muttaburrosaurus, Miasaura, and Parasaurolophus), two ankylosaurs (Nodosaurus and Euoplocephalus), one pachycephalosaur (Stegoceras), three ceratopsians (Leptoceratops, Styracosaurus, and Triceratops), not to mention four dozen theropod species (mostly representatives of the families Coelophysidae, Allosauridae, Dromaeosauridae, Ornithomimidae, Oviraptoridae, Segnosauridae, and Tyrannosauridae), and later such non-dinosaurian mesozoic denizens, including nine species of pterosaurs, six ichthyosaurs, two species of long-necked plesiosaurs and three of short-necked pliosaurs, three mosasaur species, and three mesosuchian crocodiles.

GEvidian's experimental provolves began adversely affecting the planetary ecology, and the Lazurogenic Institute eventually petitioned the Caretaker God I Give The Horn of Plenty to intervene. GEvidian , with help from I Give The Horn of Plenty, constructed a number of massive launch stations on Garooland. Following a twenty year project of ship construction and orbital launches, the extraordinary fleet departed at relativistic velocity in the direction of Ruprect 108. It seems however that some course corrections were made in-flight, for they never were reported to arrive at that destination. However, during the late Re-evaluation period various clades of dinosaur provolves, some highly derived, started appearing throughout a broad swathe extending from the vicinity of Orion and the outer Sophic worlds around the spinward perimeter and all the way to the STC volume.

Perhaps the most influential of the Gevidian neodinosaurs in the current era can be found in the various dinosaur provolves that constitute the Toh Chi Lok-Nar superclade, which under the sovereignty of the ascended archailect known as ArchSaur, have become the dominant polity in the M39 cluster, the so-called Archosaurian Empire.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 29 June 2003.