A clade of sophont dinosaurs found in many locations.

Image from Vaktus
A Dorrahsa from Owen, following a primitivist lifestyle
A race of small dinosaur provolves, the Dorrahsa spread widely during the Age of Establishment. This clade is the product of millennia of lazurogenics and provolution technology, and is loosely based on the Troodontid family.

One subclade of Dorrahsa has settled on Owen, where they have voluntarily adopted a primitive culture. Those that are distributed through space are generally more intelligent, technologically savvy, and assimilate well into hu culture (often as companion sentients). A large population of Dorrahsa can be found among the worlds of the Archosaurian Empire.

A small but significant number of the Dorrahsa clade have found employment as mercenaries, bodyguards and security personnel, and a few have become pirates and outlaws, although these are usually lone individuals rather than larger groups or populations.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 October 2001.