New Duibbiyat
New Dubiyatt
Image from Steve Bowers
Faithless, the largest planet in this system
Star: 71 Orionis
Type: F6 V
Luminosity: 3.09 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 67.8 ly

Terragen Federation system, colonised by First Federation loyalists from the Duibbiyat orbital habitat in Solsys during the early Empires period.

The colonization was part of the so called bulwark against the new imperial and missionary sephirotics, but as it later turned out the colonizers were themselves memetically manipulated by Second Toposophic Terragen Federal administration ai.

While the several small rock balls were difficult to terraform (eventually the innermost world was made into an industrial center and the other two paraterraformed), the single eujovian and two microjovians and their large association of moons provided raw materials for extensive orbital habitats and bishop rings.

Despite TF neutrality the system was extensively damaged during the Version War by revisionists and standardizationist attempts to occupy the sole strategic stargate. The ComEmp period saw extensive restoration and a cultural and economic flowering, although a large rogue Diamond Network ISO caused headaches for the local ai administrators when it tried to convert several major habitats to auxiliary processing nodes, in violation of the Treaty of Tragadi Gap. Fortunately the situation was resolved through Keterist and Communion mediation and the ISO was encouraged to migrate rimwards (it was last reported in Metasoft Space, near the Dominion border).

New Duibbiyat is currently a prosperous Terragen Federation member system, particularly famous for its Malacologists.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 December 2001.