Malacologists of New Duibbiyat
The Malacologists were a lightly to moderately rianthed nearbaseline association of malacophiles who lived in several of the New Duibbiyat habitats during late ComEmp and early Re-Evaluation periods. Some of the Malacologists devoted their time to provolving terragen molluscs, using technology acquired from TRHN neurozoologists. Exotic tropical forms were particularly encouraged.

The New Duibbiyat Malacologists were forced to disband after a band of provolved Harpidae (Harpa superior) and Conidae (Conus sapiens) that had somehow failed their social conditioning hijacked a food transport and, in an effort to escape a pursuing spaceguard cutter, crashed into a nearby habitat. Fortunately a serious blowout was avoided by heavy duty utility foglets, and all casualties on both on the transport and in the habitat were restored from backups and copies. Most of the Malacologists and their molluscs charges migrated to the Utopia Sphere dysons Wallace and Wilson. Some others spread elsewhere, and a few went on to establish long-ranging clades and Houses in the Utopia Sphere, Terragen Federation, and Zoeific Biopolity.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 December 2001.