Cymbium sapiens
Provolved marine snail species and clade, Utopia Sphere and elsewhere.

One of many successful species provolved by the Malacologists of New Duibbiyat, C. sapiens resembles a large baseline volutid (overall length about 20 to 30cm), but can be readily distinguished by the dense network of symbiotic bionano neuronal nodes, and prominent bioborg ports. Some have augmented manipulators attached to the foot and proboscis, while others use utility liquid alone. Most tend to spend their time buried in sand or sandy mud, feeding on nanoreplicated small invertebrates, exchanging recipes, and contemplating the nature of life. Communication is primarily by pheromones, supplemented by sonar implants, or tightbeam radio. Some have become successful artisans and playwrights, such as Twobrowntrianglesonshellmargin the Elder (b.10234) author of the successful Ode To Twenty Cubic Centimeters of Lovely Sandy Mud (10487), which received rapturous reviews among sympathetic audiences (other clades wondered what all the fuss was about). The so-called Fine Sand Trail Dances are also popular, although almost impossible to perform by non-molluscan sentients.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.