The first Enhanced Dolphin colony

Image from Steve Bowers
After terraformation, Hwii has numerous small seas, interlinked lakes and shallow oceans.

Data Panel - Hwii

StarZeta Tucanae
Luminosity1.3 x Sol
Distance from Sol28 ly
PlanetsZeta Tucanae I
Zeta Tucanae II (Hwii)The first purely dolphin colony world.
Zeta Tucanae III
Zeta Tucanae IV (Hwiisi language; Ihikkk ; Anglic language: Snowwhite )
HwiiRadius: 6229 km
Semimajor axis: 1.08 AU
Orbital period: 1.07 standard years
Obliquity: 15
Rotation period: 31 hrs

Enhanced Dolphin interests settled Hwii in 1432 after the original Nanotech Window colonists had been found extinct. An attempt by the original human settlers to terraform Hwii left it covered in shallow seas and interlinked lakes.

The Dolphins explored and exploited the whole system, setting up some refuelling stations and amat farms in collaboration with Prometheus Inc, but mainly concentrated on Hwii.

Another world in this system, Ihikkk, a glacial/arctic world, has been colonised by cold-loving humanoid tweaks.

In 2301 the visionary dolph Strange Diver led an exodus far across space to the Black Acropolis, where they formed the hybrid Gerkletoss culture with humans and the xenosophont Ultimates.

Dolphin Tweaks
Image from Alex Mulvey
Dolphin Tweaks in an orbiting colony near Hwii

Hwii Culture

Hwii has remained largely a Dolphin world, dominated by various governments based on traditional Okeanid interpretations. Politically it allied itself with the Sophic League, even if it is only a lukewarm member. Hwii and Snowwhite are the leading members of the venerable system-wide 'Zeta Tucanae Union'.

The Dolphins of Hwii have a rich vocal culture consisting of stories and songs, including many stories about Mooclick the Hu; these stories have spread across the Terragen Sphere and are particularly popular among the Muuh, who have invented some of their own.
A Mooclick the Hu story

The language of the Hwii dolphins, Hwiisi, has become widespread throughout the Terragen Sphere. In the Gerkletoss culture the Hwiisi and Anglic languages have becomed fused into a hybrid, spoken in Sk¡iiws'nnii and many other worlds.

One controversial aspect of Hwii culture is the popular practice of keeping presapient pet humans. The most popular breed is a splice between humans and dolphins, with a childlike innocence that many enhanced dolphins find appealing. They live in specially constructed seacastles half submerged in shallow seas and lakes; the architecture of these castles is a sentimentalised version of human land architecture as imagined by the Hwiisii.

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Text by Anders Sandberg, M. Alan Kazlev and Steve Bowers
Initially published on 04 November 2001.