Metal Monkeys

Metal Monkey
Image from Steve Bowers

Originally a set of rhesus monkey cyborgs created in a small polity on the borders of the Negentropist zone in 6736, and designed to be a slaved war/security clade in a local dispute. They were freed by avatars of Sun Wu K'ung (later Primus of the Institute for Primate Provolution) when some nearby Negentropist polities were alerted to the situation and employed him to take corrective action. The rhesus cyborgs were transported to Karitas, in the Ao Lai system, where they accepted restorative work on their clade by IPP workers. Contrary to IPP advisors, they retained their extensive cyborgization and a bias towards what other clades regard as aggressive and combative behaviour.

A significant number of their descendants are still resident at Ao Lai or at other IPP holdings, where they form an important component of the local security and enforcement division. An unusual percentage of Metal Monkeys have become transapients.

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 23 November 2009.