Avianoid provolve species based on the Terran ostrich

Image from Steve Bowers

In appearance the Aroostai closely resemble their Terran ostrich ancestors. Their brains have been augmented to sentience with genetically transmitted bionano processors and feathered arms have replaced the flightless wings of the original form.

Psychologically the Aroostai are a fairly gregarious species that relates well with other terragens. They are unusual among terragens in that culturally and individually they are highly nomadic, rarely staying in the same place for more than a few days or weeks at a time. They primarily inhabit large clusters of space ring habitats that have been customized for a preponderance of grasslands and plains convenient for walking. Culture and business/scientific collaboration is mostly maintained via the local network and cybercosm rather than within buildings or other physical structures. When a discrete location or structure is required for some purpose it is usually built using nano or utility fog and rapidly deconstructed when no longer needed. The few permanent structures on Aroostai worlds are almost always located underground with entrances made to blend into the surrounding landscape as much as possible.

The Aroostai were originally provolved by the second toposophic hyperturing Wan-Toh-Si in 4146. Seeded onto the Aroosta bishop ring in the Middle Regions system of Kath near the 'southern' or 'bottom' edge of the galactic disk, the Aroostai have expanded vigorously over the intervening millennia. In the current era they form a minor polity occupying twelve star systems surrounding the Kath system. Small Aroostai enclaves can also be found in widely scattered areas across the Nexus, particularly near large wormhole plexi where travel may be conveniently undertaken.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 15 January 2003.