Oro Mistral
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SystemOro Mistral
Distance from Sol390 ly
AffiliationUtopia Sphere

Oro Mistral is the third planet around the star Ahag located near the inner edge of the Utopia Sphere, 390 ly from Sol. The planet orbits at about 1.6 AU and at a slightly closer orbit, is a small, but densely populated asteroid belt. The reason of the proximity of the belt to the local sun is because of the 2 gas giants they are named Sunni and Sathe at .2 and .9 AUs respectively. They have no habitable(or terraformable) moons, although at the heyday of the system the planets were heavily mined for methane and other gas. Further out are 2 terrestrial worlds and a last, small gas world.

Colonization ships first arrived at the system in 2540 a.t.. Most of these early colonies were in the belt and by 2600, a large population (360,000) inhabited several large asteroids. In 2679 terraforming began on Oro Mistral in earnest. Though over budget, and behind schedule, the project was completed in 2889 and is today considered one of the best examples of terraformed worlds in the entire Utopia Sphere (which is very prestigious considering the care that the Utopia Sphere takes in creating worlds). Within another 100 years the asteroid communities had been almost deserted as more and more bioids moved to the more luxurious Oro Mistral.

Beginning in 2940, large populations of provolves began to trickle in, slowly at first, but progressively larger migrations took place in the continuing decades. Because much of the surface (91%) of the planet is made of shallow seas, the majority of bionts on the planet are some kind of provolved dolphin or whale species. Provolved sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalos superior, Physeter macrocephalos sapiens), provolved grey whales (Eschrichitus robustus sapiens), enhanced dolphins (Tursiops sapiens), and provolved blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus sapiens), make the majority of the population. On the small surface areas, most of the bioids are either heavily modified tweaks, heroms, rianths, splices, and sapient chimps. There are almost no baselines, which is surprising because of its proximity to the Inner Sphere.

The inhabitants of Oro Mistral live an idyllic life, doing little real work, having this done by Cheshed and its subordinate AIs. The Oro Mistrals live in comfort with the aid of both countless sub-Turing servant bots and extensive nano fog and even some limited hyperfog. The economy of Oro Mistral is based mainly on tourism and expensive submarine cruises that stop at some of the beautiful underwater biodomes that cover much of the deep trenches and shallow seas.

In the deep oceanic trenches of Oro Mistral, one of the dominant structures is the palace of Primus Sii'yiut'ee, an provolved sperm whale and ecclesiastic head of the Splice and Provolve Universalist Church. It is so tall (12 kilometers, and the base is 11.8 kilometers beneath the surface), that a small portion of it breaks the surface and creates an artificial island.

Dolphin from Oro Mistral
Image from Steve Bowers
Many of the dolphins of Oro Mistral use handtech for manipulation when necessary

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Text by D. David Barbeau
Initially published on 02 March 2001.

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