Transapient Whales

First and Second Singularity transcended Whales

Transapient Whale
Image from Darren Ryding
A transapient whale nearly a kilometre in length, with passenger capsules strapped to her body

First and second singularity transapient beings can be contained within physical bodies small enough to be mobile upon the surface of a planet, see Toposophic Level and Brain Size. Such transapients are generally quite large entities. For this reason they often adopt an ocean-going form, quite often very large. The ocean water also acts as a heat-sink, efficiently cooling the mental processing structures of the entity's brain.

Many transcended whale and cetacean provolves adopt large whale-like bodies and live among schools of smaller modosophont cetaceans. Other transapient whale-like beings are not derived from cetaceans, but have adopted the form for convenience and comfort.

Transapient Whale 2
Image from Darren Ryding
Another shot of the godlike passenger whale

Transapient Whale 3
Image from Darren Ryding
A distant shot of the transapient whale. The tiny grey dots in front of her are provolved dolphins

Transapient Whale 4
Image from Darren Ryding
close-up of the Transapient Whale's head, taken from above one of the passenger capsules on her back

One of the first transapient whales to emerge was the so-called Great Whale ISO, who appeared on Pacifica in the 2500s AT.

Great Whale ISO
Image from Steve Bowers
The Great Whale, the Caretaker transapient of Pacifica and Beta Virginis, shows a small part of eir structure above the surface

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