Great Whale ISO, The

Caretaker transapient of Pacifica and Beta Virginis

Great Whale ISO
Image from Steve Bowers
The Great Whale shows a small part of eir structure above the surface

The Great Whale ISO is thought to be an S2 mind incorporating some spikes to the third singularity. Although there is no firm date when the Great Whale ISO arrived on Pacifica, by the 2500's it became clear that a high toposophic Utopia Sphere entity had colonised the oceans and become a planetary protector. Worshipped under many names such as Poseidon, Big Surf, Deep Blue or the Great Whale, E remains fairly hidden most of the time, but has revealed Emself several times during major periods of crisis, such as the aiball isolationist transcensions.

During the Conver Wars it helped the Combine against the Orthodoxy, especially in the famous Polar Battle of Hale where the Orthodoxy tried to seed Hale with singularities in order to 'cleanse' the entire system; the Great Whale revealed itself through a number of avatars and managed to expel the singularities using a massive gravity laser that also broke up the moon Richards into the Richards belt.

More recently the Great Whale has occasionally acted as an ambassador from the Utopia Sphere as a whole to the other Inner Sphere powers.

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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 October 2001.