Zavijava (Beta Virginis)

Aiball Beta Virginis
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AIball oh-one

Zavijava : Beta Virginis: Planetary system containing Pacifica

Galactography:Rich in culture and history, Beta Virginis and the surrounding Virginis Combine Territories are an important Inner Sphere region where many clades meet and interact.
System:Beta Virginis
Stellar Type:F9 V
Region:Inner Sphere Old Core, 35.55 light-years from Sol
Planets:The planets were originally named by long range observers after Old Earth continents and SolSys planets. Most have since been renamed.

New Africa renamed Aiball Oh-one Originally Near-stellar Venusian, aiformed to diamondoid-silicon planetary ISO - this hot Diamond Belt world was optimised by isolationist ai for solidstate civilizations. Following the Transcension there remain numerous large structures. While mostly inert, they can be dangerous if certain automatic defences are triggered. However, anything of value has long since been removed. Mostly inhabited by old thermophile prospectors and scavenger clades. A Solar Dominion protectorate.
New Asia renamed Aiball One-oh Originally EuVenusian, aiformed to diamondoid-silicon planetary ISO - this Diamond Belt world has been optimised by the same ai civilizations that modified Aiball Oh-One. Following the Transcension there remain numerous large structures, but little of real value remains. The planet is inhabited by scavengers and a few bohemians. A Solar Dominion protectorate.
New Europe renamed Isoai Originally EuVenusian, and in the process of being terraformed, all the colonists were killed following the Hu-AI war, and the planet aiformed. Since the Transcension it has been mostly uninhabited, apart from a TRHN presence and few scavenger and vec clades. There are believed to be still some isolationist ai civilizations in some of the silicon-diamondoid superstructures. Technically a Solar Dominion protectorate, although many of the colonies are of TRHN affiliation.
New America renamed Pacifica - Frozen Rockball - terraformed to Pelagic Gaian - the main biont superpower in the region. Utopia Sphere affiliation, strong links with Oro Mistral and Beta Arae. Technorat orbital halo.
New Australia renamed Adams - EuJovian - Helium industry and floater cities, some moons inhabited - Solar Dominion affiliation. Home of House Adams, formerly Adams Helium.
New Antarctica renamed Green - EuJovian - floaters, a few atmosphere miners, ai, technorats, and orbitals. Technically Solar Dominion, although Monroe hab is NoCoZo affiliated, and some of the technorat orbitals are aligned with the TRHN.
New Luna renamed Kemp- MicroJovian - a few orbital and moon-based small polities; also a beamrider station. A smallish but fairly rich world, extensively modified. Deeper Covenant affiliation.
New Mars renamed Vos Post - SubJovian - atmosphere miners, and orbitals. Various clades. Nominally Solar Dominion.
New Jupiter - renamed Hale - SubJovian - tweaks, vecs, ai on moons and orbitals - a small population of jovics in the atmosphere. Joint Solar Dominion / Utopia Sphere affiliation.
New Saturn - renamed Franklin - SubJovian - mostly old traditionalist clades like the Naists and House Bves'a in a number of orbitals. There are are also some assorted space adapts and others. Varied affiliations.
AI:AI overseers: Cetan ISO, also lesser toposophics for to individual polities

AI's ethos: Utopic
Polities:at least a hundred different major polities in the system, the only one of any size being the Pacifica Commonwealth on Pacifica. Most are member states of the Virginis Combine, and loosely aligned with the Utopia Sphere

Affiliation: according to individual polity
Colonized:868 A.T.
Psyche Art and Culture:varies greatly according to individual polity

Language: Pacifician, Douh, Solarian, Technoratic, Metasoft Standard, Hwsii, Isoballese TRHN, Betareaese, Monroeian, Greenic, Deeperspeak, Adamian, and many other languages are all spoken somewhere or other in the system. In some cases a particular polity, world, House, or clade has a completely different language or set of languages to its neighbors. However, knowledge of Betareaese and Solarian will usually mean the visitor e has no problems in communicating in most habitats, even without translation software.
Population:more than 3 billion system-wide

Population by planet(incl. orbitals):
Aiball Oh-one, _Aiball One-oh, and Isoai: no more than several million each, most in orbitals, with a few surface dwellers
Pacifica: surface - 106 million; orbital - 268 million
Adams: cloudcities - 12 million; orbitals and moons - 460 million
Green: cloudcities - 5 million; orbitals and moons - 1,650 million
New Luna: about 130 million (mostly orbitals)
New Mars: about 51 million (mostly orbitals)
Hale: cloudcities - 2 million; orbitals and moons - 350 million
Franklin: - orbitals and moons - about 200 million
Travel:Stargates: Island Gate - to Beta Arae (Utopia sphere)

Beamrider Station: Cycle 232 - New Luna has a beamrider station (serving two cycle routes) and colony
Hazard Rating:0.0 to 4.0 (according to polity, district, world etc); up to 9.0 in some ai ball areas
Visa Restrictions:varies according to individual polity
Freedom of Movement:varies according to individual polity
Environmental Requirements:Earth-normal environments on Pacifica, most orbitals and some of the domed outsystem cities; some of the jovic habitats however require environment suits and/or special modifications
Sites of Interest:see entries for individual worlds
Image from Steve Bowers
Image from Steve Bowers
Pacifica BV
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Image from Steve Bowers
Image from Steve Bowers
New Luna (beta Virginis)
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New Luna
New Mars (beta virginis
Image from Steve Bowers
New Mars (Beta Virginis)
Image from Steve Bowers
Image from Steve Bowers
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 03 January 2001.