Large terragen toothed-whale. Intelligent and sociable, orcas were, along with the great apes and the dolphins, among the first animals to be provolved. Today most orcas are sophont, and descended from the early provolves. Various species include Orca sapiens, Orca superior, Orca genetekensis, Orca pacificensis, Orca spatialis, Orca cosmoi, Orca oromistralensis, Orca communalis, Orca utopensis, Cosmorca cosmorca, Neorca spatialis, Neorca relativisis, Bioborgorca augmetis, and many others.

Small populations of baseline orcas can be found at various marine biohabitats. The largest single baseline population is believed to be on Earth, although this has not been confirmed.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 17 December 2001.