0900 to 1200 AT: The Early Federation Age
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The isolated settlements in the Solar System that survive the chaos of the Technocalypse and Great Expulsion and the long and lawless Dark Age that followed link up in a new civilization, known as the First Federation. Humanity, with the aid of a number of advanced AIs, gradually begins resurrecting new societies, bringing an end to Solsys' Dark Age. The AIs institute the first Federation and take command of rebuilding the interplanetary community and establishing some form of stability. The success of these few super-AIs causes some to view and eventually to worship them as gods.

Great advances are made in the colonization of interstellar space, and in addition to the creation of new ai, neogen, provolve and vec groups, still more clades of tweaks and cyborgs evolve themselves.

The economy is driven not by the nation states but by the newly arisen megacorporations that suddenly appear everywhere. The AIs have developed a benevolent relationship with the Organics, and are now perceived as big brothers / big sisters. It is true that the AI called GAIA has put a quarantine on Earth to restore the original biosphere, but generations after the Great Expulsion this is an act widely supported by much of the interplanetary community, even if bitterly condemned by fringe groups like the neo-Islamic Faith, and by a number of Humans First groups, including Reclaim the Earth!. On the whole the First Federation is a well integrated system of polities dominated by the idea of benevolent protective AIs and of reclaiming Terragen greatness. It leads to the greatest single age of exploration the human race and Terragens in general have known, as increasingly sophisticated starships are sent out in all directions to colonize the universe.

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The Sundering

900 AT
900 - Almost a hundred ships are part of the Spaceman's League.

c.900 - The Bismillah is rebuilt at Epsilon Eridani and sets off again for the white dwarf star E/G 471, 40 light years further on.

903 - The Alpes Water Alliance between the Tycho Republic, Artemis, Cognitum and Zeno marks the beginning of a new cooperation between the Lunar states. The Alpes pact slowly grows, but has more success in contacting Belt groups than inner system groups.

910 - The Dyaushpitr, a combination of several different technologies, is the first colony ship launched toward Eta Cassiopeiae.

910's - Lalande 21185 culture begins to deteriorate.

910 - G-Interface Mark 5 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator developed by Deimos Cybersystems.

920 - Qin Shi Huang arrives at Huanghua.

923 - The first non-biont, an AI shipmind named Emergence became a member of the Spaceman's League.

928 - At 61 Virginis, Eostre awakens the first wave of colonists. Some 300 people are brought down to the planet's surface, where an idyllic community set in the heart of a mountain range awaits. While the environment is under constant nano-tweaking and maintenance by Eostre and her servant programs, to the Humans it appears as a mountain valley paradise of green pine forests and verdant meadows, surrounded by a world of brown desolation. However, even now the terraforming continues, and the planet is slowly being carpeted by the green veneer of Earth-based life. In the end, the entire planet will become habitable, stable for a life span of hundreds of millions of years, and will possess hundreds of different biomes, all pristine.

933 - Federation of Sophonts formally declared on Piazzi Orbital, Vesta. Beneficent nanoborg and Child of GRACE Ravi Wu is one of the authors of the preamble for the Universal Bill of Sentient Rights of the Vesta Convention.

933 - Exodus Beneficents arrive at Gamma Leporis and begin extensive development in both systems.

933 - At 61 Virginis the Community Council of Ewden is established. Comprised of the three villages of Midland, Norland, and Easland, it is a simplistic government with few concerns beyond farming and ranching matters. The priests of Eostre were also awakened, but their order has been dissolved by Eostre herself. Little ill-will remains because of this, and soon the rigors of daily life eliminate any possible harboring of resentment. Within a single generation, memories of Earth and high level technology have been all but forgotten. Eostre herself is soon truly regarded as a goddess.

940 - Two cyborg clades and one vec clade have become part of the Spaceman's League.

944 - The Directory on Pluto is overthrown after a three year long uprising. Physical contact is established with the First Federation with the arrival of the ship Pride of Vesta.

950 - Interstellar launches from Solsys approach one per year; many new colonies established and old ones recontacted. Moving faster than the wave of human colonisation, Ahuman AI entities have become established around many stars, and act unpredictably when contacted, sometimes dangerously so.

950 - The bubblehab dwellers in Solsys are gradually integrated into the Federation. There are some early enthusiastic joiners on Saturn, but many holdouts. Polities based on Uranus and Neptune are late to join, having already established a high degree of peace and prosperity on their own. Jupiter's technosavages are only gradually coaxed into membership after centuries of persistent missionary activity, long after the atmosphere of Jupiter itself is cleansed of its free-breeding population of hostile nanotech devices by Federation 'blue-goo' sporetech.

950 - No less than 50 of the almost 300 ships of the Spaceman's League are working with the AI Emergence.

950 - Completion of first large orbital around New America, NuYork Orbital (Beta Virginis).

952 - Emergence launches a group of fifteen Spaceman's League ships, fitted with amat-fusion drives to several nearby starsystems (prior to this date the farthest any League ship has been from the Sun was the Oort Cloud. ). This act ensures that the League does not just stay confined to SolSys and the Federation.

958 - The Babel plague first became epidemic with an outbreak on Penglai.

960 - Efficient Pion-catalysed Fusion drive allows faster colony ships and interplanetary transport.

961 - !Kung colony ship Backbone of Night sets off from Deimos shipyards to investigate the red dwarf GL876.

970 - Beta Virginis technocrats began receiving faint broadbeam radio transmissions from Sol.

976 - Cache of primate data discovered (probably a remnant of the Burning Library Project).

983 - Birth of Lucidia Mirnas Miranda, the founder of the Major Religion Sophism.

983 - The Beamrider Network reconnected with the Solar system; it has grown to connect thirty nearby red and brown dwarf systems.

986 - Huanghua joins the First Federation.

Late 10th century AT - Sometime before the end of the first millennium a.t., Emergence reaches the first singularity (exact date is unknown)

1000 AT
Eleventh century A.T - The virtual world Sosimevs is created, run directly by AIs for the benefit of the first virch entities. As the technology of virches matured, however, non-sophont environments become the standard, until the inhabitants of the Analine Vast Redsphere virch decide to try making their environment sophont, just to see what would happen.

1000 - The Eridanus League becomes formally aligned with, but not part of, the First Federation. Between 1000 AT and 1900 AT a second wave of colonists is sent out by the Eridanus League to colonise worlds which will later become the Yoson Confederacy and the FSA.

1000 - '.....' sporeship arrives at Barnard's Star.

1001 - Cache's discovery announced; Institute for Primate Preservation founded.

1002 - The Silver Collective succeed in creating their goal, Simico, one of the earliest of the hive-mind clades, made up of self-modified cyborgs.

1003 - GAIA and Federation confer protected status on the Institute for Primate Preservation.

1004 - Prithi Mata leaves Solsys for Pandya.

1006 - The Dyaush arrives at Eta Cassiopeiae.

1010 - Lucidia was already considered the Avatar of the Universe by her enthusiastic followers, who had already made her non-profit Sophist Institute into a religion.

1010 - Fully functional Utility fog commercially available for the first time.

1012 - Emergence (by laserlink) instructs all the Spaceman's League ships E sent out of Sol, not to return to Sol, but to trade in their new systems and to find new units for the League.

1020 AT - First manned Plasma Core Antimatter drive spacecraft.

1023 - Adriana Yue Oncehuman born.

1025 - First Institute for Primate Preservation member achieves S1 (Jane, the cache's AI guardian); shortly afterwards she is selected Primus.

1028 - An exploration probe sent by the Hyperion corporation scouts the Pi 3 Orionis system before heading back to SolSys.

1043 - The hyperturing Ruby Marine created in the Jupiter/Sol L5 Trojan Asteroid Swarm.

1045 - Eostre sends out a subservient AI, combined with several uploaded intellects, to scout out a possible new world. However, at a fuelling operation in orbit of a nearby red dwarf, the ship suffers a cataclysmic failure, and the AI and its intellects are marooned. (61 Virginis).

1050 - Schnizlers, an animated/RL children's show, begins recording.

1053 - Habitat Prime ("the monkey house") completed near Saturn (Institute for Primate Preservation).

1056 - Several technarch cells infiltrated and take over Elk River Orbital (Beta Virginis).

1063 - Emergence (or the Spaceman's League) confirms longstanding rumors that he has breached the first toposophic barrier.

1065 - Terranova colonised in 1065 AT by the Terranova Foundation in alliance with the Grue Brothers.

1066 - A group of slaved Synthetic Humans manage to find a loophole in their programming and escape to form the Synthetic Human Alliance.

1068 - Following the Elk River fiasco, fully four-fifths of technorats habitats officially seceded (Beta Virginis).

1076 - An exploration craft from Omicron Developments Inc explores the Pi 3 Orionis system.

1080 - Terranova joins Eridanus League.

1080 - Negsoa colonised.

1100 AT
12th century AT - Renaissance in Interactive Food; despite (or possibly because) of the strong limitations on nanotech use interactive food became the defining cuisine of the Sol System in the 12th and 13th century AT.

12th century - Neotens are first gengineered.

1100's - The Exodus Beneficents detect activity suggestive of wormholes around Xi Geminorum.

1103 - The Institute for Primate Preservation announces 174 primate species re-created.

1108 - Valhalla habitat, now converted to a generation ship, leaves Solsys.

1110 - House Neill and House Devaneaux, two of the old Reydovan Republic's most influential families, attempt an overthrow of the newly established Reydovan Chancellery. They and House t'Resan, the technical minds that assisted the two houses, are exiled into the Fringes.

1118 - Prithi Mata arrives at Pandya.

1120 - First manned beamed core Amat Propulsion drive spacecraft with gamma reflection system.

1125 - The NEHDP Radicals attack and destroy isolationist mining drone (Beta Virginis).

1130 - Virtual sophonts can be transmitted from one planet to another within a single planetary system (more).

1133 - Doran Empire colonists arrive at Secharia.

1134 - Cishp-dominated Titan finally joins the First Federation.

1140 - Hu-ai war in Beta Virginis, loss of New Europe.

1143 - The Institute for Primate Preservation announces first species studies complete; probable re-introduction of species on Old Earth.

1145 - Reliable non-destructive uploading developed and approved for public use in Federation polities. Virtual copying becomes widespread.

1150 The Institute for Primate Preservation completes construction of Kasekala ("the hothouse").

1150 - '.....' sporeship arrives at Wolf 359 and spreads from there.

1150's AT - Acme of the Federation Museum Ships. In the period from 1150 to 1200 AT alone, no less than 200 will be built.

1152 - The Wide Array Exotic Radiation Telescope in the SolSys Oort Cloud detects unusual readings from Xi Geminorum. Energy and gravitational wave signature match the theoretical expectation for an active wormhole. The relativistic superturing science probe Carl Sagan was launched from Schroeder Beamrider Station.

1156 - Arrival of the Federation robot Survey Vessel Magellan at Beta Virginis.

1158 - The Omicron Developments ship returned to the solar system, and the corporation announces that the Pi 3 Orionis / Daedalus colony has suffered a serious internal war.

1166 - First Federation ship arrives at Gamma Leporis.

1170 - Beta Virginis Technorat technology, science, and toposophics, begin developing dramatically through exchange with Federation databases.

1175 - Lalande 21185 colony rediscovered by Federation megacorps.

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The Middle Federation and the Megacorps

  • Ananas, The  - Text by Steve Bowers
    An Early First Federation interstellar ship.
  • Blazer, Deeper  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Pre-Technocalypse terms for pioneers and adventurers who sort to explore and develop "deep space" (hence "deeper") and "blaze a trail" (archaic expression - origin unknown) out beyond CisLunar space, Mars, the Belt and the main population hubs.
  • Eridanus League, The  - Text by Aaron Hamilton, updated by Steve Bowers
    Early interstellar empire, informally aligned with the First Federation.
  • Eugenesis - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Literally "well born", a popular name among a few Martian and Jovian Genetekkers and Cislunar Superiors. Following the exposure of AML atrocities on Phobos, the name fell out of favour, since it was discovered that half the priesthood were called Eugenesis. It was partially redeemed during the early First Federation period, as it had been adopted by Eugenesis of Vesta. While a number of disciples of that famous hyperturing call themselves Eugenesis, and it remains a popular honorific among the Genen, the name is otherwise very rarely used.
  • Eugenesis of Vesta  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Hyperturing philosopher, mystic, artist, mathematician, fabulist, and statesbeing from Vesta, Old Solsys.
  • Extropia - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    [1] Interlinked Information to First Federation age evolving communities embodying extropian values. Included both virtual cultural communities and actual communities in several orbital free zones.
    [2] Belt habitat of Extropist sect, Interplanetary Age to Solsys Golden Age.
  • Federation of Sophonts, The   - Text by M. Alan Kazlev, Anders Sandberg and Steve Bowers
    Expansive early interstellar polity based in Solsys.
  • First Federation Emissaries   - Text by MacGregor
    A variety of agents and methods used by the First Federation to establish contact with isolated groups and polities.
  • Galarreta, Fay - Text by Anders Sandberg
    One of the founders of the First Federation, Fay Galarreta of Vesta was to many the inspiration of the new leadership. A charismatic political scientist-cyberneticist who formulated the widely acclaimed first principles of of how to make use of integrated AI advice and simulation in interplanetary government. While she died just three years before the Federation was founded her ideas on nanotech security and transrational game theory applied in politics became the basis of the Federation movement.
  • Kim, Sio-Ping - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Seminal figure in the establishment of the First Federation, Sio-Ping Kim of New Tycho was closely allied to the AI alliance calling themselves the Restorers, and became their spokesperson/evangelist to the many disparate habitats. Showing considerable independence and integrity, he was unanimously voted chairman of the Federation Council at the foundation.
  • Political Federation  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev; amended by Stephen Inniss
    Government type in which each member polity rules itself but all belong to one governmental body. These polities must follow certain common standards of conduct and by agreement yield some powers to their common government.
  • Sagawa Corporation  - Text by Ryan B (Rynn)
    Among the most diversified of the triple-A Interplanetary Age orbital corporations. The corporation itself did not survive the Technocalypse, but two uploads of Sagawa family members who were running the corporation, and some workers and shareholders, survived.
  • Translation and Language Cladization - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Instead of unity and a single tongue, there was a great cladization of languages during the First Federation era. This is because the different habitats got together and could hardly understand each other, and AI was now so cheap that everybody could afford translator devices. So instead of forcing linguistic convergence (although some did their best to make a common language), a lot of clades diverged further protected from outside influences in cocoons of translation.
  • Viewers of the Sacred Vacuum, The  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    A group of philosopher-mystics whose practices and beliefs are based on insights in First Federation physics concerning the nature of the vacuum.
  • Yi Sun-Sin (System Control Ship)  - Text by Aaron Hamilton, adapted by Steve Bowers
    The Eridanus League used System Control ships like the Yi Sun Sin in an ultimately futile attempt to maintain order and cohesion over worlds many tens of light years apart.
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