Sakawa Corporation
Home Office:Osaka, Japan, Earth
Major branches:Supra-Tokyo, Earth Orbit, and Cydonia City, Mars
CEO:Mariko Sakawa (129 - 541)
Chairman of Board:Estu Sakawa (127-541)
Destroyed:565 (during the Technocalypse); the hyperturing core, including aspects of the Sakawa family, survived the event and had a long and influential subsequent career

Among the most diversified of the triple-A Interplanetary Age orbital megacorporations, Sakawa operations ranged from solar power generation to biotech to environmental engineering with terraforming investments. The megacorp was run by a single tweak clan, the Sakawa family, who maintained their hold through rejuvenation and - when that failed - cyborgisation (it was often said by their competitors that by the late 4th century a.t. they were more machine than organic). They owned most of Sakawa Corporation, with other significant blocks held by various investment banks. None of those other blocks represented more than 5 percent of the company's outstanding shares at any one time and many owed loyalty to the family.

The key divisions were Sakawa Solar Power, Sakawa Biotech, and Sakawa Envirotech. Though all have a presence in L4 and L5, Sakawa Envirotech had the most impact on the orbital L5 region because that corp handled a big chunk of life-support maintenance, waste processing and recycling for the SupraTokyo metroplex industry. In addition to its major divisions, Sakawa also owned subsidiaries that operate in a wide range of industries.

The megacorp in its integral form did not survive the Technocalypse of 565 AT. However, partial uploads of Mariko and Estu, along with various templates, survived within the hyperturing core. The core successfully wielded a blue goo defence, and the so-called Sakawara Hyperturing continued to make contributions, mainly as a roving consultant, throughout the "dark age". During the Federation renaissance the Hyperturing sat on the administrative board of the Federation Institute of Long-Term Economic Management, as well as investing in a number of speculative ventures, the most successful of which was Yasamura Artificial Environments Corporation.

The emergence of higher toposophic hyperturings during the later Federation period destroyed the Sakawara Hyperturing's competitiveness, and the Core ensconced itself in one of the numerous data storage banks in the Main Belt, entering a Reclusive Phase and avoiding all communication with the outside world, apart from a few loyal intermediaries.

In 1945 AT the Core opened communications with a visiting avatar of a NoCoZo S3 hyperturing representing the small start-up investment corporation Skillful Design Holdings (Barnal-Cameron Corporate Polity, Lombardo FZ). Shortly after this the Sakawara Hyperturing accompanied the Skillful Design (B-C) hyperturing's representative back to Barnal-Cameron. Little more has been heard of em since, and it is generally believed that e merged with a number of other corporate AIs in Lombardo and several nearby solar systems some time during the early Establishment age.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 August 2000.