Yi Sun-Sin (System Control Ship)

yi sun sin
Image from Aaron Hamilton
The Yi Sun-Sin in interplanetary mode

Built at Great River Arsenal, Epsilon Eridani 1106 AT. Length: 600 meters. Mass (empty) 1.5 million tons. The Yi Sun-Sin is shown above in interplanetary mode.

If required this ship could be accelerated to interstellar speed using attachable magnetic drive sails, additional stages and disposable fuel tanks. The Yu Sun Sin was capable of journeys lasting more than 100 years at speeds of up to 0.3 c, allowing it to move throughout the League's widely separated systems. Armament included ten squadrons of exospheric rocketfighters, two legions of mechanized droptroops, plus numerous defensive beam and missile weapons.

The Eridanus League used System Control ships in an attempt to maintain order and cohesion over worlds many tens of light years apart; however the distances involved were too great for the communications technology of the time, and the League eventually fell apart.

Some examples of Orion's Arm spaceships
Size comparison chart of spaceships used at various times in the Terragen Sphere (including the Yi Sun-Sin)
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Text by Aaron Hamilton, adapted by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 11 February 2001.