En'en Suifu and Tattoi Jueru

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The mated pair of bioship entities known formally as En'en Suifu oite za Suta-watatsumi (commonly translated as Meandering Sailor on the Star Sea) and Tattoi Jueru oite Joukai Manako (commonly translated as Precious Jewel in Heavens Eye) are currently listed as citizens of the Zoeific Biopolity. En'en Suifu is the elder having been born in the year 10000 a.t, eleven years prior to Tattoi Jueru. Even though they are amongst the oldest members of their species at nearly 600 standard years of age, they are considered to be very young by Terragen standards. Despite their age they are considered some of the most capable ship entities in the Sephirotics due to the incorporation of various Godtech devices, including a halo drive system.

Their species takes 100 years to reach full growth, at which point they can carry a full complement of 640 sophonts and myriads of other symbiotic life forms.

Currently the pair can be found making their way along the Zoeific frontier and beyond, where they serve as missionaries for Her Holiness the Ascended Zoe of Hibbert. During this journey of more than 400 years they have visited many systems. If they come across an uninhabited system they leave life seeds, specially grown to thrive in each environment. These seeds are planned in such a way as to evolve and adapt - hopefully! - to one day blossom into intelligent life. If the system is inhabited then they serve as teachers of Zoeticism to those that are interested or that will listen. The length of each visit may vary as the needs of each system will vary. A visit to an inhabited system for example may last years as the crew establishes temple-schools in an effort to spread the teachings of their goddess.

While it is very rare indeed for them to be separated by more than a few light years, they do occasionally do so in order to cover more ground. In recent years Tattoi Jueru has become far more distant and rarely enters inhabited systems. This in conjunction with En'en Suifu's growing protectiveness of her has led some to speculate on a potential pregnancy.

For the casual observer telling them apart is easy. En'en Suifu has markings of bold reds and oranges while Tattoi Jueru has a softer blue and green coloring. Some who have spoken with them mention En'en Suifu as being an extrovert while his spouse is a bit more reserved.

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Initially published on 20 December 2006.