Ananas, The

Early First Federation interstellar ship

The Ananas
Image from Steve Bowers
Perhaps the most unusual feature of the Ananas was the forward-facing dust shield projection system, which the exuberant shipartists of ZukREA(Ganymede) styled to resemble the leaves of a pineapple

The Ananas, designed by the eccentric shipartists ZukREA(Ganymede), was originally launched towards Alpha Centauri in 1005 AT, but corrected its course Proxima Centauri in 1040, arriving in 1050. After unloading its cargo of frozen colonists and hi-tech trade goods, the ship was refuelled and refitted and set off towards Epsilon Indi in 1067. In due course the ship set off once again towards Darwin, arriving in 1265. By this time the Ananas was counted among the many trade/colony ships that were a vital part of the First Federation.

For the next three hundred years this ship shuttled between Darwin and the nearest stars in that volume, until the new, much faster conversion drive ships made it obsolete. Using antimatter catalysed fusion, this ship could attain 10% of light speed when first constructed, but the drive was gradually updated over time until it could attain more than twice that velocity. Unlike other ships of comparable design this craft was never converted to use the new propulsion system, and became a (somewhat unusual) space habitat housing a small community in orbit around Lavoisier.

The Ananas is famous as the ship that carried Benedita Bluesky Dacosta to Darwin, and as the ship that transferred the system Fedrep to Gliese 693.

Some examples of Orion's Arm spaceships
Size comparison chart of spaceships used at various times in the Terragen Sphere (including the Ananas)

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