Iota Network, The
The Iota Network is an independent polity led by the archailect Iota Scholar (currently S4), with close ties to various other polities such as the NoCoZo and Solar Dominion. In the current era, the network is centered in the Lucida (Iota Piscium) system and includes a variety of planets, megastructures, and star systems within the Inner Sphere, including the other core members - Resonance (Trappist 1) and Yosunoh (Iota Pegasi). The systems are bound together with various beamrider networks as well as through several wide-gauge wormhole links as part of the Inner Sphere of the Wormhole Nexus. The network has generally used non-exclusive membership, with many member sub-polities additionally aligned with a particular sephirotic empire at any given time.

In addition to the Corona-owned databanks such as the two Minerva L4/5 computronium nodes in the Iota Piscium system, megastructures outside the core star systems that are aligned with the Iota Network include the Hypertoroid ISO, various moon brains of Iota Scholar around nearby stars, and 30-50 factions of the Yosunohi orbital swarm.


3263 AT - Fall of the Taurus Nexus, centered at Corona.

4500-5000 AT - ascension of the archailect Iota Scholar through the fourth singularity, starting from the merging of several groups of S2 and S3 transapients.

4730 AT - The emerging Iota Scholar first begins to charter linelayers to expand the Nexus toward the Perseus Rift.

5411 AT - The Iota Network and associated transapient advisers arrive in Resonance and peacefully take control over the Trappist-1 system, citing the ideological tension period that followed the decline of the ComEmp as the reason.

9167 AT - an Iota Linelayer arrives in the Ais Alnah system, right in the middle of the Blackbody nebula in the Perseus Rift, some 3,000 light years away from Corona.

9200-9300 AT - the Iota Scholar gifts the Iota sector systems with several colony ships, which are then launched through the new stargate, named Letter to Outpost Nowhere as part of a colonization effort for the blackbody cluster. The colonized region remains only loosely aligned with the Iota Network.
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Initially published on 17 December 2023.