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Corona Symbol
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The Corona Symbol, the Radiant Crown

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Polity, Government, and AdministrationName: Corona (Planetary State of Corona); a major Inner Sphere polity in the Iota Piscium system, centres=d around (but not confined to) the planet Corona.
Symbol: The Radiant Crown. The current version was designed in 7235 during the early Corona Renaissance.
Capital: Albertgrad (political, cultural), University (academical)
Affiliation: The Iota Network, an independent archailect-led polity with close ties to various other polities such as the NoCoZo and Solar Dominion.
Founded The Planetary State of Corona was founded in 6035.
AI overseer: The Academy Minds (a group of S2s)
AI ethos: Various, generally associated with the promotion of academic pursuits
Government type: AI-mediated cyberdemocracy.
Administrative divisions:
Corona surface:
Corona surface:
Quark (2 subdivisions)
Baryon (3 subdivisions)
- Western Baryon/Glara
- Central Baryon
- Eastern Baryon/Gzeut
Planck (4 subdivisions)
Fermi (2 subdivisions)
Bose (4 subdivisions)
Corona environs:
Cis-Sonata volume (4 subdivisions)
- Inner ring
- Outer ring
- Cis-stationary volume
- Trans-stationary volume
Sonata (4 subdivisions)
Other volumes:
Iota-Corona L4
- New Eureka
Iota-Corona L5
Population DemographicsPopulation (10600): 78 billion permanent (surface and orbitals)
Population breakdown (10600):
S0 - Modosophonts:
Terragen Bionts: 36 billion, of which over 95% have adopted superior versions of their clade.
- Humans: 14 billion
- Rianths: 6 billion
- Tweaks: 5 billion
- Splices: 5 billion
- Provolves: 5 billion
- Neogens: 1 billion
- Xenosplices: 50 million
Terragen Biont-AI Interfaces: 22 billion
- Virtuals: 15 billion
- Cyborgs: 5 billion
- Bioborgs: 2 billion
- Biaioids: 140 million
Terragen Sophont AIs: 20 billion
- Aioids: 12 billion
- Vecs: 8 billion
- Others: 10 million
Non-Terragen Sophonts: 90 million
- Xenoprovolves: 70 million
- Xenosophont Tweaks: (Aliens who are adapted to thrive in Terragen environments) 20 million
S1 - Basic Transapients: 30,578
- S1 Hyperturing: 18,495
- S1 Postbionts: 12,083
S2 - High Transapients: 302
- The Academy Minds: 256
- Unaffiliated: 46
Psyche, Art, CultureMetapsychology: Academic Meritocracy
Metaethics: Falsificationism
Religion/Ideology: Various
Culture and Art: Pragmatism, Ubuism
Official Language: Coronese (Academic)
Languages: Coronese is the dominant language, but Hetami is also widely spoken. Other Iota Network languages are occasionally used, and Solarese is mainly used in Solarist temples and Alemseged.
Timekeeping: Corona and its environs, including Sonata, uses its own calendar, the Corona Calendar. The solar day is 69,842 seconds long, and is divided into 18 'hours', each 3,880 seconds long. 2 leap seconds are added at every midnight. The year is 1031.124 local days long and is not divided into months, but rather referred to by order (Year 256, Day 512, for example). Leap year occurs roughly every 8 years
Economics and InfrastructuresCurrency: Coronese Tera
Economic philosophy: Merit-based post-scarcity commons. Land and infrastructure are jointly owned by all with citizen dividends relative to academic performance.
Major Industries: Academic publishing, infotech, tachydidaxy.
Military expenditures: Minimal
Megastructures: Two dynamic orbital rings, with space elevators linking them and the planet's surface. The outer ring has the 'aurora ring', a band of transparent screens displaying the aurora texture, hanging down from it.
Angelnetting: Varies from city to city, from virtually none to fully-angelnetted.
Interstellar Trade and Treaty RelationsMain trading partners: Most important Inner Sphere worlds, some of the empires, especially the NoCoZo.
Exports: Verified and peer-reviewed data, academic publications, academic appliances, and tachydidaxy technologies
Imports: Data from various projects from throughout the Terragen sphere, data about transapients and archailects, expert systems for local tachydidaxy
TravelMajor spaceports: 12 evenly-spaced equatorial spaceports with space elevators connecting the surface to the twin dynamic rings.
Hazard rating: Mostly 0.0 to 1.0, but unangelnetted regions may reach 4.0.
Visa restrictions: None
Freedom of movement: No restrictions on travel
Environmental requirements: The biosphere of Corona has several species of microorganisms which are pathogenic to some clades.
Sites of interest: See Notable Locations

Sonata and Corona
Sonata, the single natural moon of Corona

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