Feynman Bay, Corona

Feynman Bay
Image from Steve Bowers and John M Dollan
Feynman Bay from orbit; Heisenberg city is located at the centre of the upper (northern) bay, while the Heritage Range runs along the southeastern coast

Also occasionally referred to as 'The Great Bay' or 'The Big Bay', Feynman Bay is located in the northeastern portion of the continent of Quark on the world Corona. Due to warm water currents moving through the neighboring Dirac Sea, the waters of the bay are comfortably warm for many species, including near-baseline humans. The local climate falls somewhere between the Mediterranean and Northern California regions of Old Earth. Taken together this makes the region a popular living area and has led to the growth of the extensive habitation complex of Heisenberg. The famous Heritage Range runs along the southeastern end of the Bay and is a popular destination for tourists and the location of many local ceremonial events or entertainments.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 16 May 2007.