New Eureka
New Eureka
The dwarf planet New Eureka is orbited by the Archimedes shipyard array
A dwarf planet member of the Planetary State of Corona, located at Iota-Corona L4. It has Corona's biggest shipyard, the Archimedes Shipyard, built on and around its eponymous moon, and with that shipyard and a Coronese descendant-dominated population, it supports Corona throughout the history. Since the Corona renaissance period, its society is a mixture of high technology and post-scarcity economy, and a closely-knitted, slow-paced, welcoming society which values kindness and collective happiness.

Image from Steve Bowers
Archimedes is a small moon of New Eureka, with a radius of 9.6 km. The main shipyards orbit at a distance of 38km, in a stationary orbit.
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Initially published on 06 March 2019.