Wind in The Leaves, The

Jupiter Brain in the SacredTree system

Image from Steve Bowers
The Wind in The Leaves is surrounded by the Aether Ring, a microgravity environment

The Wind in the Leaves is an S4 Jupiter node created from the re-engineered mass of the gas giant once known as Treetrunk. Originally an S2 Zoea known as Punctuated Equilibrium, e was overseer of the original Zoeific colonization of the system in 2850. Over the next two thousand years e underwent an ascension to the Third Singularity, becoming a moon-node orbiting Treetrunk and then a transcension event (supervised by the Blessed Zoe Eirself) that resulted in the conversion of Treetrunk into computronium and the creation of the Fourth Singularity mind that now calls emself The Wind in the Leaves.

Along with overseeing the Sacredtree system itself, The Wind in the Leaves also acts as a Regional Coordinator for over 1000 additional Zoeific systems connected to the local Nexus branch or in proximity to it. Along with providing command, control, and computation resources to these systems, E operates three weylforges which produce both transport and comm-gauge wormholes and a half dozen void factories operating in the Zoeific Low Hinterregions.

Internal Structure and Population:

The Wind in the Leaves is a Jupiter-brain created from a reconstructed gas giant. The majority of its internal structure consists of godtech computronium and data transmission systems, including 40 comm-gauge wormholes arranged in two dodecahedral layers. The innermost layer connects the plasma processor core of the J-brain to the rest of the structure while the outer layer connects to 20 locations spread across local space, including the gateway stations serving the local stargate plexus and star systems anywhere from tens to hundreds of light-years away.

A number of God-dweller communities (primarily superturings and post-human uploads) make their homes within the outer layers of The Wind in the Leaves, primarily around the interstellar comm-links where they are permitted to make use of a small share of the available storage and bandwidth. As a result they are also some of the largest data management Houses in Zoeific space.

The total God-dweller population is somewhat hard to characterize since, as is common with sophtware intelligences, the boundaries between one individual and another can often be hard to define. However, most estimates place the population at around 450 million sophonts.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 09 February 2014.