System containing Sacredtree and the Wind in The Leaves

009 Ceti
Image from Steve Bowers
The sun-like star 9 Ceti is surrounded by a loose swarm of relocated asteroids supporting industry

Sacredtree - Data Panel

System:9 Ceti
Stellar Type:G2 V
Mass:1.0x sol
Luminosity:1.01x sol
Distance from Sol:66.5ly
Planets:Core: Mercurian class planet orbiting 0.42 AU from the primary. Extensive automated mining operations combined with an orbital mass stream system provide heavy elements to the rest of the system.

The Wind in the Leaves: S4 Jupiter node orbiting 0.8 AU from the primary. The Wind in the Leaves is the AI overseer of the system and manages all aspects of system infrastructure and support. The node is surrounded by the Aether Ring and associated with the Emerald and Azure Swarms.

Aether Ring: Small Niven cloud habitat encircling The Wind in the Leaves in high orbit. Home to an extensive freefall ecology and some 9 billion sophonts of various clades.

Emerald Swarm/Azure Swarm: Dual orwood forest clusters occupying the leading and trailing Ceti-Wind in the Leaves Trojan points. The Emerald Swarm is made up of some 3 million mature orwood trees hosting a population of 23 billion. The Azure Swarm is smaller, consisting of only 2 million bodies, and less mature. Most of its constituent trees are only 2/3 grown. It currently contains a population of 12 billion.

Sacredtree: Macro-scale orwood tree originally created as an experimental prototype. Orbits at some 1.4 AU from the primary. Since the creation of the original macro-tree design, some 200,000 such bio-constructs of various species and designs have been established across Terragen space. Sometimes also referred to as 'the Sacred Heart', the wagon-wheel macro-construct is some 100,000km in diameter and rotates to produce .1G at its outermost rim. As spin induced gravity reduces moving toward the hub, the interior chambers of the multiple trunks become ever larger until low G and freefall chambers tens of kilometers across occupy the central hub and upper layers. Sacredtree is currently home to a population of 15 billion.

Ceti Belt: Dense asteroid belt encircling Ceti at a distance of 3.5 AU. The Belt is significantly more massive than the asteroid belt of Sol (some 5e22kg), but also orbits farther from the primary, and is not noticeably denser to the casual observer. Extensive mining, industrial, and habitat operations (mostly based on Greenbubble technology), make the Belt a busy industrial center, second only to the complex around Whorl. Total Belt population is approximately 70 billion.

Ilios: Neptunian-class planet orbiting 17 AU from the primary. Orbited by three major moons: Tanin, Seete, and Lenel, known collectively as The Three Sisters. Ilios is home to an extensive bubblehab complex, with the vast majority (98%) of habs only supporting massive bio-computronium nodes which form the backbone of the Dreamtime, the local system cybercosm. The population of the Dreamtime is highly fluid and mobile, but is generally estimated to be some 1.9 trillion sophonts of various S-levels.

The Three Sisters: Inhabited moons of Ilios.
Tanin: Innermost moon originally covered in a solid layer of ice over 150 kilometers thick. Conversion reactors have been used to Europaform the moon by melting the inner ice layers to create a sub-surface ocean and establish an aquatic ecosystem. Population: 300 million.

Seete: Middle moon covered by an ice layer some 50 kilometers thick. Extensive Yggdrasil bush plantings have nearly covered the lunar surface and support a population of 30 million.

Lenel: Outermost moon of Ilios. Originally a rocky world with large ice deposits. A bluesky worldhouse supports a low gravity tropical ecosystem. Population is stable at 90 million.
Whorl: Outermost planet of the Sacredtree system. A Saturnian type gas giant circling Herculis at 26 AU, the world is orbited by a Deep Well Industrial Zone and extensive automated manufacturing facilities. Whorl is the industrial center of the Sacredtree system.

The Greenring: Artificial ring system surrounding Whorl. Initially roughly similar in appearance to the original rings of Saturn in Sol System, the Greenring was built from construction debris left over from the creation of the Whorl DWIZ. The ring has been planted with a modified Spaceweed variant that feeds on the waste radiation from Deep Well operations and uses local materials to grow various biotech craftworks under the direction of the local artistic collective that inhabits the ring. Bio-arts and crafts from the Greenring are sold across the Biopolity and are often highly prized. Population: 670 million.

The Oortlands: Vast and diffuse cloud of cometary and Kuiper objects extending from the outer Sacredtree system into interstellar space. The Oortlands are mined for ice and organic materials which are sent inward to support both the orwood forest clusters and the Sacredtree macro-form.
Image from Steve Bowers
The Jupiter-brain known as The Wind in The Leaves, surrounded by the Aether Ring


AI Overseer:The Wind in the Leaves
Ethos:Moderately bioist, with a particular interest in space based ecosystems.
Current Allegiance:The Zoeific Biopolity
Image from Steve Bowers
Whorl and the Greenring


Government Type:Cyberdemocracy with routine administration expedited by The Wind in the Leaves. Occasionally the AI may intervene directly to resolve societal disputes that are resistant to the more common virch debate and e-voting methodologies.
National holidays:Planting Day (date of the 'planting' of the Sacredtree construct), Founding Day for each of the major artificial structures in the system.
Constitution:Based on Zoeticist principles with some variations.
Legal System:Based on Zoeticist principles with some variations.


Name:Unified Ecopolities: Cyber-democratic republic of the major population centers within the system.
Symbol:A stylized animated image of a seed sprouting and growing into a great tree.
Affiliation:Strongly allied with Zoe and the Zoeticist principles.
Colonized:2802 a.t.
Image from Steve Bowers
The Sacredtree Dyson Wheel


Economy:'Biotopia' style partial autotopia with all basic needs provided by gengineered lifeforms as part of the local ecosystem. Secondary needs are provided by more conventional nanotechnic manufacturing systems mediated by a moderate level capitalist currency system.
Currency:The Greenleaf
Major Industries:Orwood design templates, bio-AIware, bioborg templates, deep space (Oort cloud) operations support, bio-arts and crafts.
Angelnetting:Minimal to moderate, primarily plasm-based systems concentrated in major population centers.
Major Orbitals:Sacredtree macro-orwood tree, Aether Ring.


Metapsychology and Metaethics:Zoeticist Bioism
Ideology:Zoeticism, various factionals and splinter religions and memeticities followed as well, also a number of Caretakerist, Shamanic, and Sophic creeds
Language:Ecotopian Standard with some local variants and slang terms
Style:Primarily organic, particularly gengineered woods and wood products


Stargates:Olive Branch - to Ecotopia Dyson
Punctuated Equilibrium - to Nuidarwin
Wheeeeee - to Chios
Hazard Rating:0.0 - 1.0 depending on where in the system a visitor is at any given moment. The Oort cloud regions can be potentially hazardous to the careless sophont.
Visa Restrictions:Open access
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