Zoeific Biopolity Bluegreen Goddess
Image from Bernd Helfert
Zoe's avatars designed for interactions with embodied modosophonts often are S1 blue-and-green zoea with exceptional shapeshifting abilities. Their widely recognized standard form is very similar to Zoe's original body as a nearbaseline human woman in appearance, size and mass.

Fifth toposophic archai of the Zoefic Biopolity and one of the first posthumans. Famously was born as a biont nearbaseline human before choosing to destructively upload herself in the middle Federation period. After centuries of continued self-augmentation, she successfully ascended to the first toposophic in the late Federation period. Later migrated to Hibbert Orbital, near Jupiter, in 1874 AT where she accrued followers that would later aid her in founding the Biopolity.

Her strongly Biocentric teaching, which incorporated a subtle mix of animistic and pantheistic mysticism, pragmatism, genetekkerese biotranshumanism, and hedonics, eventually evolved into the ideology around which the Zoeific Biopolity developed.

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