Jinvanco (Struve 2398)

Inner Sphere Binary Red Dwarf System

Struve 2398 A + B
Image from Steve Bowers
Jivanco; Struve 2398 A+B

Jinvanco (Struve 2398) - Data Panel

SystemNames: Jinvanco, Struve 2398, Gliese 725
Components: 2
1) Famawan (Struve 2398 A)
2) Rubasho (Struve 2398 B)
- Distance from Sol: 11.486 ly (J2000)
- Constellation: Draco

Population: 1.2 trillion virtuals; 284 billion vecs; 198 billion tweaks, 166 billion other
AI Overseers: Discerning Shepard and Wise Gardner (S3)
Allegiance: Unaligned with heavy Deeper Covenant influence; several Sephirotic powers have representation in the system
Government: Approximately 1,700 separate polities operating under the loose Guardianship of the AI Overseers
Transportation: No direct Wormhole Nexus access; well developed Beamrider Network and Lightways infrastructure
FamawanNames: Famawan, Struve 2398 A, Gliese 725 A, Jinvanco A
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 0.334 x Sol
- Radius: 0.351 x Sol
- Spectral type: M3 V
- Luminosity: 0.016 x Sol (bolometric)
- Temperature: 3,441 Kelvin
- Age: 2.7 billion years
- 1 AreanXeric: Varmajrud
- 2 Europans: Fruang, Hiram's Folly
RubashoNames: Rubasho, Struve 2398 B, Gliese 725 B, Jinvanco B
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 0.248 x Sol
- Radius: 0.273 x Sol
- Spectral type: M3.5 V
- Luminosity: 0.008406 x Sol (bolometric)
- Temperature: 3,345 Kelvin
- Age: 2.7 billion years
- 2 Neptunians: Sankja, Nuvjuptari
Binary orbitOrbital characteristics:
- Average separation: 36.977 AU
- Orbital period: 294.7 years
- Eccentricity: 0.70


The history of Jinvanco is closely linked with the early development of the Beamrider Network. As the powers of Solsys jockeyed for position during the dawn of the Solsys Era, the Gengineer Republic sought to extend its presence to the stars. While the prospective colonists were mostly Genetekkers, a sizable minority of passengers were tweaks from the Martian Union. The joint venture left Jovian orbit in 472 AT aboard the Advance.

Early History

Jinvanco Colonization Authority Flag

Jinvanco Colonization Authority
Image from MacGregor
Awakened from stasis 165 years later, the expedition found a system at times both familiar and alien. They rechristened the binary system Jinvanco, "Advancement" in Jovian Creole, in honor of their ship. Decelerating around Jinvanco B, named Rubasho or "Ruby", the Advance first settled around the second of the red dwarf's two ice giants. Dubbed Nuvjuptari "New Jupiter" for a passing resemblance to their homeworld, resource collection and orbital habitat construction took priority for the first two decades under the auspices of the Jinvanco Colonial Administration (JCA). Communication with their Gengineer Republic backers was problematic and degraded further as Solsys slipped into the Technocalypse and the Interplanetary Dark Age.

The first major political schism occurred in 664 AT, when a group led by the superbright Mirrek San Xiang departed for the innermost planet when rifts regarding system security threatened to spiral into violence. Xiang's faction, known as the Gardados, sought to establish a completely independent polity in order to safeguard the system from possible malware/nanite infection coming from Solsys. This differed from most of the others who still wished to proceed with the beamrider project. As such, the Gardados started construction of a high security society of closed orbitals around tidally locked Jinvanco Bb, which they renamed Sankja "Sanctuary".

The dissolution of the Gengineer Republic in 784 AT, proved to be the breaking point for the JCA. Without even the pretext of a higher headquarters to answer to, the half dozen JCA factions became independent actors. The next two centuries witnessed further orbital expansion and the development of Nuvjuptari's moons. Clad specialization increased as groups tailored themselves to best suit their new environments with low gravity and null-gee genotypes becoming the norm. During this time, Jinvanco had contact with other systems and a number of beamrider stations were constructed. This made Jinvanco an integral part of the civilization that would eventually became the Deeper Convenant.

Compact Era

Habitat around Nuvjuptari

Jinvanco Habitat
Image from stevebowers
The founding of the Federation of Sophonts in 933 AT back in Solsys, had seismic repercussions for Jinvanco. Now with order restored and interstellar travel proliferating a need for greater beam station relays emerged. Styled the Larkez Compact after the Nuvjuptari moon it was signed on, the agreement created a loose confederation for the purpose of managing an expanded Beamrider Network.

Around Sankja, news that the old solar system had successfully emerged from the Dark Age, posed an existential crisis for the Gardados' cloistered existence. In 1013 AT a civil war erupted when more than a third of the orbitals sought to break away from central control. Though brief, the conflict proved exceptionally deadly with an acute case of Kessler Syndrome developing in Sankjian space. After a few weeks of fighting a ceasefire was initiated. Those who could not reconcile themselves to opening up to the rest of Terragen society departed in 1021 AT for Jinvanco A or as the Gardados remnant would call it Famawan (Distant Shelter).

Though there were overtures, Jinvanco remained independent from the First Federation and its contemporary the Eridanus League. However, the system benefited greatly from contact with both, developing considerably in terms of infrastructure, technology, and culture. The first new arrivals from Solsys to Jinvanco came over the early manifestations of the Lightways. Embodied visitors appeared a century later inaugurating the Jinvanco's role as an important Inner Sphere beamrider hub. Most of these travelers were passing through to more distant destinations such as Gilese 687, Penglai, and Lam Wai-Chun but many decided to stay. These included descendants of several groups from the old solar system such as Expulsos, Rojiqali vecs from Saturn, and at least three clades from Pluto that helped settle several of the outer dwarf planets. During this time bubblehabs spread rapidly in the atmospheres of the two ice giants. Also the first of several megacorps ventured into the system.

Colonization of Famawan began in earnest at the start of the 13th century, though bands of Gardados and other groups could be found already living amongst the star's three small planets and asteroid belts. As such, Famawan would for the next two millennia or so serve a largely subordinate role to the more developed polities around Rumbasho. Famawan Ab, an AreanXeric world first named Persepolis but later widely known as Varmajrud, which roughly translates to "Warm Dustpan," became the corporate holding of Itan Industries, though a migratory society of quadrupedal vecs, the Shade Striders, developed there unmolested. Famawan Ac and Famawan Ad, both Europan planets renamed Fruang, meaning "Frosty", and Hiram's Folly respectively, and witnessed extensive surface settlement. However, as with Rubasho, most inhabitants lived in an ever-growing constellation of orbitals.

After the collapse of the First Federation, Jinvanco remained on good terms but politically unaffiliated with the Solsys Organization, Taurus Network, and the Penglai Empire. Still operating under the Larkez Compact, the system remained largely stable though periodic confrontations between an increasing array of powers did occur. This period of growth and development would continue more or less unaltered until the rise of Jinvanco's first transapient.

Larkez Compact Banner

Jinvanco Larkez Compact
Image from MacGregor

The Guardianship

In 3263 AT, Jinvanco was caught off guard by the appearance of a group of S1 entities known as the Crimson Sa'aali. The exact origin of these transapients is unknown but it is generally believed that their progenitor traveled from Gilese 687. The Crimson Sa'aali, while likely not a true blight, caused considerable problems with advanced malware and disinformation attacks, many of which proved deadly. To this day, it is still unconfirmed whether the Crimson Sa'aali was a single intelligence or multiple beings. Some even doubt whether it was a true S1 but think it an elaborate ruse by high performing super-turings. Regardless, after three decades of interference the Crimson Sa'aali were deposed by the S2 known as Discerning Shepard. The origins of Discerning Shepard are also cloaked in mystery although one of the more popular theories is that e had already been operating clandestinely in the system for the previous century. With the Crimson Sa'alli defeated, Discerning Shepard moved eir main brain node to a station at the system's barycenter. Discerning Shepard maintained limited contact with Jinvanco's modosophonts and only intervened in the gravest of security threats in what system locals termed the Guardianship.

A repercussion of the the Crimson Sa'aali and the rise of Discerning Shepard was the greater independence of Famawan based polities from Rumbasho. Having matured, these new states and cultures came into their own as equals. Various alliances and confederations would rise and fall over the years, but one of the longest lived political entities was the United Nations of Fruang which, like its namesake from Terragen antiquity, served as a supranational organization for nearly all polities on and in orbit around the planet. Varmajrud eventually freed itself from corporate domination and developed a thriving vec and virtual community. During the First Consolidation War, Jinvanco, much like Sol, served as a haven for refugees fleeing the fighting. This precedent of the great powers respecting the system's neutrality has held, with a few notable exceptions, ever since. The Deeper Covenant remained a common presence, especially in managing the Beamrider Network infrastructure.

In 6822 AT, Discerning Shepard completed eir ascension to S3. Interestingly, when achieved, e split into two entities with the second called Wise Gardner. The reason for this is unknown, and the pair continued to operate out of an enlarged computronium brain at Jinvanco's barycenter. The time period after this is sometimes known as the Dual Guardianship, though oddly the higher ascension and advent of Wise Gardner resulted in few detectable changes to system administration.

Jinvanco in the Current Era

Though it would be unfair to characterize Jinvanco as a backwater, the continued lack of a wormhole gate or major investment by any of the Sephirotic empires helps relegate the system to minor importance. Still its central position in the Inner Sphere and lengthy history does make it an important port of call for the Beamrider Network and the Lightways. As has been the case for thousands of years, many of the larger empires and Great Houses have some representation in the system, making Jinvanco a popular meeting spot, especially for those wanting to conduct business discreetly on neutral ground.

While modest compared to more advanced systems, Jinvanco contains a wide variety of orbital habitats where the vast majority of the system's population live. Some of the more notable orbitals include Martendo Otima, a massive aquatic habitat in distant orbit around Hiram's Folly known for its tricentennial gathering of Megaptera. The Stellar Umma operate the Al-Wahah Taqadam at Sankja L4, which houses the Al-Thunayiya Mosque, a frequent stop for Muslims making an embodied Haj to Sol. A series of intersecting platforms form Yuranov Matrix, populated by a diverse host of vecs. Yuranov Matrix has been described by Suchiron, one of its more famous citizens, as "a collage of metallic cityscapes rotating in perpetual night." It represents Metasoft's greatest stronghold in the system. As with most places, the majority of Jinvanco's inhabitants are virtuals. The single most populated location is Quantarian Hyperplex an intricate mass of computronium thought to house several hundred billion sophonts in over a million different virches. These virches include a number of historical and historical simulations including the Solsys Civil War Virch run by the S2 entity known as Symphonic Hemorrage, and Secundus Foederatio Aeterna based on the Second Federation. The Hyperplex is designed as a series of nested dodecahedrons to facilitated heat dissipation and ease of docking. Tiquiano Grange is a massive toroidal habitat known for its expertise in gengineering plants suitable for the low light-high radiation environment of red dwarf suns. Vermillion Miksajo, a particular strain of vacuum adapted coffee, is one of the few physical items regularly exported from the system.

A wide variety of faiths are present in Jinvanco, as one might expect from such a diverse system. Several offshoots of Genetekker Vehicle Buddhism and even a few small communities practicing versions of Jovism live around the gaseous planets of Rumbasho; both legacies of Jinvanco's Jovian ancestors. In the last few centuries, Syntho-Binarianism, an indigenous vec religious movement, has made inroads in a number of habitats. Linguistically nearly all of the languages and communication protocols of the Inner Sphere can be found. Archaic fourth millennium Jinvanconese, itself a distant descendant of Jovian Creole, is used as a lingua franca.

Stars near Jinvanco
Image from Arik
Stars near Jinvanco (Gliese 725), showing major Lightways connections
Jivanco maintains good connections via Beamrider ship and The Lightways with nearby stars, especially Sol, Unon-Duuz (GJ 1245) and GL 687, and has excellent and long-lasting relationships with all three.
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