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Gus and Max
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Gus with his symaiote, Max Handy, wrapped around his shoulders
Auguste Cis/Trans/Ret Gienah, born 9511 A.T. in the Arkab Prior B necklace, has been involved in some of the most intriguing incidents in the history of that system. Some of the information about er life is sketchy and conjectural, but thanks to research by er former wife Lesova Zubenelshamali, much of it is well known. For most of er life Gienah was symbiotic with the brushvec Max Handy.

A fictionalised account (Betrayals) was published in the early 11th millennium.

Timeline of Auguste Gienah's life

9511 a.t.: Auguste Gienah born on Rendell Ring.
9520 a.t.: Max Handy6754 grown on Carter Ring.
9520 a.t: The First Singularity humanoid entity Lorca Alrami is subverted by ArGartha, a former spacecraft mind and now a S:2 town mind on Rendell Ring.
9532 a.t.: Auguste Gienah and Max Handy6754 become a symbiotic pair.
9606 a.t.: Alrami induces Max Handy6754 to take Gienah to Tau Ceti.
9607 a.t.: Gienah and Handy set off towards Tau Ceti; they call at Santos (Arkab Prior A), Medius wormhole nexus and Djed (Eta Sagittarius) on the way. Gus and Max are both infected with cryptotech on Tau Ceti.
9610 a.t.: On his return to Arkab Prior B, Gienah becomes Augusta Gienah Trans, a woman, through nanosurgery.
9800 a.t.: Augusta Gienah Trans has a brief relationship with Jek Varillista from Elsirac Ring.
9817 a.t.: Jek Varillista is murdered by his own copy in the Deep Clave on Elsirac ring during the Ordinaries Coup.
9820 a.t.: Augusta Gienah Trans backs up her personality; this data is later sent to Syie for storage, where it is hijacked and reactivated in a virtual environment. This version later becomes the warrior woman Gusta.
9829 a.t.: The ascension crusader the Blessed Chwrrii Nashira, a Second Singularity dolphin, comes to Nadi Ring.
9830 a.t.: Augusta Gienah becomes a man, now known as Auguste Gienah Cis to denote his reversion. He becomes a sculptor.
9872 a.t.: Lorca Alrami becomes a consultant to the Rendell Ring academy for the Concrete arts, to keep an eye on Gienah.
9881 a.t.: Auguste Gienah Cis and Max Handy6754 meet Toney Alrami, the grand old man of megasculpting.
9959 a.t.: Auguste Gienah and Max Handy are attacked by a religious fanatic, a Dispatcher, in the deep caves under ArGartha Town. They are saved by a mysterious agency.
9965 a.t.: Auguste Gienah competes in the Minimum Power Spacecraft Race, and loses to Lesova Zubenelshamali.
9970 a.t.: Auguste Gienah and Lesova Zubenelshamali become formally married. Neither changed their name or sex.
10040 a.t.: Auguste Gienah and Lesova Zubenelshamali attempt to ascend to the First Singularity under the tuition of the Blessed Chwwii Nashira at the Rendell Ring Luminaire. The cryptotech imbedded in Genah's skin unsuccessfully attacks the dolphin.
After a series of misadventures Gus joins Argartha and Alrami as they set off towards a nearby brown dwarf.
10057 a.t.: The ArGarthan spacecraft reaches the brown dwarf YTS 77656-887-771. The brown dwarf mysteriously explodes, presumably killing Gienah's alpha copy.
10122 a.t.: A new version of Auguste Gienah is reconstituted from backup data. He begins a relationship with the long-lost female beta copy of himself, the warrior woman Gusta.

The current locations of Gienah, Max and the warrior Gusta are not known; they are believed to have left the system after the publication of Betrayals.

Fiction about Auguste Gienah

Betrayals, an Orion's Arm Novel
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 02 July 2013.

A more detailed timeline is included in the novel Betrayals, by Steve Bowers