Capital System of the MPA

Djed rings
Image from Steve Bowers
Three orthogonal habitable rings surround the planet Djed

Data Panel - Djed - Capital system of the MPA

SystemDjed: in orbit around Eta Sagittarii B
PrimaryEta Sagittarii A
TypeM2 class red giant
Distance from Sol146 ly
Colonised1999 AT
SecondaryEta Sagittarii B, F7 class main sequence star, 165 AU from the red giant
Other companionsEta Sagittarii C and D, at more than five hundred AU
RegionImperial Capital, Innermost Middle Regions, 149 ly from Sol
PlanetsHila Ring Mercurian innermost planet, converted entirely into power stations, amat and exotic matter factories, and high energy plasma processor nodes.
Djin Cluster Second planet, converted into AI computronium habitat clusters.
Djed Terraformed Venusian planet, capital of the MPA. Surrounded by the Tri-Arc.
K'la Node, Il'n Node, Yoxa Node, Tra Node - Jupiter class processor nodes, each 140,000 km diameter. Core nodes of the transapient hyper-design complex known as The Dream Factory.
Important Local Artificial IntelligencesAI overseer: The Dream Factory, the most powerful local Archailect in the MPA, and second only to the Sixth Toposophic entity Binah, the distributed god of the MPA

AI's ethos: The Dream Factory is a massively powerful, multi-system complex of Jovian class computronium nodes specialized for the design of the macroprojects for which the MPA is famed. Although a single, albeit strongly focused, S5 mind in one sense, the Factory is actually the compilation of the shared and merged intellects of trillions of Net-linked Mutual Progress citizens ranging in toposophic level from baselines to high transapient. Any citizen of the MPA may link into the Dream Factory at any time and most members of the polity spend at least 5% of their time within the Factory's virtual design spaces.
PolityName: Mutual Progress Alliance
Affiliation: MPA (Capital)

Djed, Rotovators, and the Tri-Arc: The symbol of the Mutual Progress Alliance is three gold rings surrounding a star. The world of Djed is the embodiment of that symbol. Orbiting the planet is the Tri-Arc, three toroidal orbital habitats encircling the planet at distances ranging from 300,000 to 350,000 km. Each habitat ring is 1500km across and orbits at an angle from the other two, duplicating the form of the MPA symbol. Transiting between the surfaces of the Tri-Arc habitats and the upper atmosphere of Djed itself is a vast system of interlocking rotovators. The rotovator system, using atmosphere-capable shuttles for the first and last portions of each journey, permits rapid transport between the different Tri-Arc habitats, Djed, and outlying habitats traveling ahead and behind the system in its orbit.
Psyche, Art, CultureSee main entry on MPA
Government, Legal system, ConstitutionSee main entry on MPA
Economics and Local InfrastructureMajor Industries: Transapient design services, macroscale design logistics, exotic matter manufacturing, plasma processing services and node rentals, amat production.

Angelnetting : Djed and the Tri-Arc employ complete angelnetting. The Dreamseat habitats employ safety- and maintenance- netting only. The remainder of the system is mostly inhabited by virtual and ai minds using minimal angelnetting for material manipulation and manufacturing processes.

Major Orbitals: The Djin Cluster is made up of some 30,000 computronium processor nodes, hosting an ai and upload population of some 3.5 trillion. Djed and the Tri-Arc are home to a population of 7 billion, mostly vec, superior, and near-baseline.

Multiple orbital bands surround each Node of the Dream Factory. Each band consists of massive habitat clusters. However, the majority of habitats in each band are devoted to the housing and maintenance of the Dreamseats: biosupport pods each containing an MPA citizen engaged in close proximity neural connect with the Dream Factory itself. Total band population fluctuates slightly, but averages 600 billion at any given time.
TravelStargates: The Mainline to Relay 04.

Spaceports: None specific. Spacecraft are assigned parking orbits by system traffic control and are then met by shuttles which either dock at the desired location or are routed through the rotovator system to the nearest available landing stage to the traveller's destination. .

Hazard Rating: 0.0
Note: newcomers to the system are warned against engaging in unsupervised linking with Dream Factory operations. Unprepared individuals may experience creative addiction or mind-state absorption upon exposure to even peripheral Factory programs.

Visa Restrictions: Open Access

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