Arkab Prior A

Negentropy Alliance system with a dense Dyson Swarm

Arkab Prior A
Image from Steve Bowers
The Arkab A swarm is so dense that the star is effectively obscured; for this reason, the swarm elements illuminate each planet with a carefully regulated 'sunbeam' that replicates Earth-like insolation

Arkab Prior A - Data Panel

Star:Arkab Prior A (Beta 1 Sagittarii A) Part of a binary system with Arkab Prior B
Luminosity:440 x sol
Region:Middle regions: Constellation Sagittarius - 378 ly from Sol
Planets:formerly 4 subjovian and eujovian class, dismantled and reconfigured and replaced by the A1A cloud, an efficient energy collection swarm, extending out to 3AU.
Current allegiance:Negentropy Alliance
Inhabited planetary remnants:1/ Al-Masu'di 10500 km diameter orbit 4.5 AU
2/ Christaller 10700 km diameter orbit 5.9 AU
3/ Santos 10100 km diameter orbit 6.9 AU

The inhabited worlds of Arkab Prior A were designed during the initial colonisation of Beta Sag in 4311, and created from the gas giant worlds which were being dismantled. However they were still too heated by the dismantling process to terraform or colonise for several thousand years, the first rain finally falling on Santos in 8019. During this period the population of Prior A was almost entirely virtual.

By 9900 all three planets were habitable, and they now have stable, autonomous, nearbaseline human populations (total 8 billion persons). The axioms of Negentropy are observed, and society on the three terraformed worlds of A1A is stable and orderly, yet as pleasant as is possible. The three worlds are dedicated to three of the five axioms:

1/ Al-Masu'di "Life must be preserved" - an ecological paradise ruled by the Priests of Being.
2/ Christaller "Energy must be preserved" - a culture built around entertainment, self-expression and narrative.
3/ Santos "Order must be preserved" - dedicated to the exploration of political life, with a balanced and surprisingly open approach to innovation.

The jovian planet A1Ac has been converted to exotic matter for wormhole construction and no longer exists.

The A Swarm is a so-called 'invisible Dyson'; the star is effectively obscured by the swarm, but the elements use phased array optics to emit light in various directions to produce a broad-spectrum image of the star, visible from the three inhabited planets and from thousands of nearby stars.

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Development Notes
Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 16 July 2003.

final paragraphs amended and image added may 2016

Fiction about Arkab Prior

The OA novel Betrayals includes a segment set on Santos, and has a description of the Arkab A power swarm
Betrayals by Steve Bowers