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Hammerstein is a large terraformed moon of HD 870c in a highly inclined orbit

Name GJ 2001, Hip 1031, HD 870
Type K0V
Luminosity 0.452 x Sol
Distance from Sol 65.8 ly
Colonised 2180 AT
Galactic xyz 23.35,-25.27 -56.09

Hammerstein was settled by the Engenerator Method in 2180 AT by the Linnaeus Enterprises division of the Terranova Foundation. A sophisticated autonomous probe reached the system in that year, and began to construct a large data receiver capable of intercepting the transmitted mindstates of colonists sent from other locations in the Inner Sphere. The world is a large moon of a cool gas giant, 4008km in radius, terraformed by weather machines into a warm world with shallow seas.

Like several other engenerator colonies, Hammerstein became a complex mix of various clades from a wide range of sources, but the system controllers managed to maintain a relatively peaceful political climate without the problems associated with this method of colonisation elsewhere. Clades represented on this world include nearbaseline humans, merpeople and cyberdwarfs.


Hammerstein joined the NoCoZo in 3410, and adopted a form of government known as Futarchy; this system is found on a number of NoCoZO Worlds, and integrates well with the predominantly libertarian philosophy of that empire. Futarchy is a form of democracy where the goals of government are decided by secret ballot amongst all citizens, but the methods used to attain those goals are selected by a number of related processes known as prediction markets. Specialised betting markets are established to speculate on various options, using a range of fixed stakes, and these markets are used as a way of aggregating data efficiently. Because the speculators in a prediction market have a vested interest in winning their bets, they will use as much information as they can to speculate wisely. The results of a prediction market become policy for the (relatively minimal) elected government of this world, a process which can be repeated as necessary to adapt to changing economic conditions.

Futarchy has been popularly accepted on this world for many millennia, except for a number of periods where the population voted for different systems on a temporary basis due to the trends and fashions of the time. For most of the Version War period Hammerstein was an archailectocracy, ruled directly by the local representatives of the Invisible Hand; many mercenaries went to war in this period, and a significant number did not return, even as data copies.

At other times this world has voted to become an elected dictatorship, and even a anarchosocialist commune. But as a method of aggregating information and arriving at a strategy, Futarchy compares well with many other forms of modosophont-level self-government, and has been readopted on this world on several occasions, most recently in 10111.

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