Audubon System, The

HR 8501A, Capital system of the LinnEnt Empire

Audubon 1
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Arean-type planet colonized during the First Federation period, where Engenerator Technology was first used for interstellar colonisation

Audubon System

PrimaryHR 8501A
Stellar TypeG1V
RegionInner sphere, NoCoZo affiliate, 44ly from Sol , constellation Grus
CompanionHR 85012B - Mv Red Dwarf 36 AU distant: the water-rich asteroids of HR 85012B support three dyson tree posthuman colonies affiliated to Edenism

Planets and Asteroids

Planets and Asteroids(HR 8501A )
Energy collection stations on inner asteroid belt (Vulcanian and Aten asteroids)

2 x Planetoids in inner orbits
Douglas 500 km dia- 50 million km eccentric orbit
Banks 200 km dia- 90 million km eccentric orbit
6000 km dia- arean subclass -now terraformed - 220 million km orbit- Zarathustran colony
Cousteau120,000 km dia- jovian -500,000 million km orbit
Audubon Map
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The physical features of Audubon were named after types of bird. Early settlements were named after historical naturalists, but later cities have been given names in various local dialects


AI powers----------------------------
Douglas PlanetoidKarel Tchapek, the ascended original probe AI , now affiliated to NoCoZo
Maintains angelnetting over energy stations and inner asteroid belt
AudubonGosse, the ascended ship AI from the original colony mission, now affiliated to NoCoZo
Maintains angelnetting over Audubon and nano immunity over outer planets except Linnaeus

Both inner system AIs finally entered an accord with the rival Linnent company AI, O'Brien, in 7109 after the formal absorption of all 4 remaining Linnent Engenerator colonies into the NoCoZo.
Previously Tradescant was an independent company world, the last independent part of the Terranovan Foundation.
All three system AIs now form the Audubon Concert, with an undisclosed amount of exchanged consciousness.
AI ethosNoncoercive, inner sphere conservative

Audubon Emblem

Audubon Emblem
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Symbola Blue Magpie
AffiliationInner Sphere NoCoZo
Colonized1564 a.t. by the Engenerated Copy Crew (telecopied by laser)
Psyche Art and Culture-----------------------------------------
HistoryThe Original Crew have established a city-dwelling, high tech culture on Douglas and Audubon, while the Revived Colonists are dedicated green environmentalists mosting inhabiting the agricultural and forested regions of Audubon and De Bourgainville. The Engenerated Copy Crew were the first humans ever transmitted over a distance of several lightyears by engenerator, arriving in 1564. However the Copies became disaffected once the main party of colonists arrived, and moved to Tradescant.

There they created the Linnaeus Enterprises empire with support from the Terranova Foundation, and the Linnaeus system became more wealthy than the rest of the solar system combined, terraformed their world into parkland and lived on vatgrown food. Following the recession caused by the Mind Control scandal at Bolobo and two other Engenerator colonies the Copy Crew Clade retreated to a great extent into virtuality, with the Green Colonists tending the abandoned parkland.

The Linnaeaus Enterprises empire became the Linn-ent empire, and spread out along the southern edge of the Galactic disk towards the core. These worlds had few wormhole connections, relying to a greater or lesser extent on engenerator links and relativistic trader ships. Despite being informally aligned with the NoCoZo, the Linn-ent Empire became insular and isolated, and has been badly affected by the Oracle War.
MetaethicsEngenerated copies are regarded as full citizens, and have the same property rights as the children of the originals (and can be disowned.)

Mediation by Zarathustran philosopher/counsellors prevented the Negentropy 45th relativists from bombarding Audubon with kinetic vapour in 4577 during the Version War.
IdeologyDeBourgainville is a centre for the Zarathustran philosophy, which arrived with a relativistic crew in 4002 from nearby Gamma Pavonis. The Multicopied colonists and crews have developed an idiosyncratic version of Soul Copy Universalism. Terranovan Empathism has a broad influence in Tradescant and is now popular in all worlds.
Culture and ArtLandscape gardening, Virtual world creation, Planetoid fractal architecture (Banks Planetoid, named after Sir Joseph Banks not the well known fabulist), Low Grav ballet and human powered flight
Language: Anglish, Terranovan, Zarathustran dialects, Brev
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The paraterraformed moon Tradescant orbits the gas giant Linnaeus, and was the nominal capital of the LinnEnt Empire (an empire built using early engenerator technology).

Territory and Population

HylocyborgAsteroids 7 billion
Audubon 2 billion
Tradescant 3 billion
Douglas 500 million
tweakZarathustran (DeBourganville) 2 billion
Linnaeus and Cousteau floating cities 300 million gas giant adapts (Recent Genen initiative)
SpliceZarathustran ( DeBourganville) 1 billion
BaselineAsteroids 5 billion
Douglas 300 million
Audubon 2 billion
Tradescant 1 billion
Virtual30 billion all cybernodes especially in moonlets around Cousteau
Edenist AI symbiontsmostly in HR 8501B system - 1 billion
inwards60 million per annum from Iota Horologi, Gamma Pavonis, Jupiter orbit, Eden and Terranova
outwards500 million, mostly engenerated copies to Argo vector.

Government and Administration

Government TypeCyberdemocracy, Zarathustran Anarchy
National holidaysEngenerator Day, Arrival Day, Clemency Day (celebrates the inaction of the Negent Fleet)
ConstitutionConforms to Eden declaration of Sapient Rights
Legal systemLocal systems appeal to relevant AI power, backed up by peripatetic NoCoZo Marshall-substitutes
Economics and Local Infrastructure----------------------------------
CurrenciesJoule, Erg, Credit, Solar share-(conversion is automatic at point of sale)
Major IndustriesAgriculture, Architecture, Human Adult Realife Engeneration, Virtual entertainments and cosmos creation, Eigenspace detection
Major OrbitalsThree hundred asteroids converted to O'Neill and McKendree habitats.
The Oort cloud starts at 100 AU due to the influence of HR 8501B.
Some 50 Backgrounder habitats are now present (10402 a.t.)
StargatesThat's The Way It Is to Gamma Pavonis (Zarathustra)
Discovery Channel to Bolobo
Major SpaceportsAudubon Beanstalk, Linnaeus L5 Point, HR 8501B Treehouse
Hazard Rating0.0
Visa RestrictionsNil
Freedom of MovementNo access to Backgrounder habitats at present
Environmental Requirementsonly Gas Giant adapted clades can survive in the atmospheres of Linnaeus and Cousteau atmosphere without artificial support
Sites of InterestDouglas Fractal Castles, Tradescant Parklands, Audubon baseline flight cities, Genen Floating palaces in Linnaeus and Cousteau
Audubon 2
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