Sociopolitical system based on centralized command economy and equality of citizens

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Whilst many AI's have taken the market paradigm rather than the dialectic materialist model as the basis of their dealings with politics and supply and demand, there were others, especially a number of the early AIs for whom market forces and human greed were irrelevant, and these sometimes developed a collective communist system, especially when they started exploring space. Included here were a number of collectivist ai clades, who shared all resources and information freely.

After a period of disfavour communism was revived by a small number of human superbrights in the middle Interplanetary Age, as a luddite and anti-ai belief system. Later as Bot Marxism emerged as an anti-repressive revolutionary movement among enslaved robots and vecs.

A number of transapients have attempted to apply communistic ideals in various colonies throughout the Terragen Sphere. However such egalitarian societies are faced with with increasing difficulty as individuals in the society become augmented, superbright, then ascend, causing toposophic inequality and accompanying materialistic tensions.

An extreme and dysfunctional type of communism was the Equalizer civilization. The authoritarian and fundamentalist Directorate wanted everyone to be equal. In the 7600's AT, with an attempt to impose equality in Pas Greenen, and the Outer Volumes, the Equalizers developed into an expansive empire but failed due to their authoritarianism and inadequate surveillance techniques.

Some Utopia Sphere worlds are run as proletariat paradises, most likely for the sake of inclusiveness on the part of the entity known as Cheshed rather than as an endorsement of Marxist materialism. Some communist utopias in the Beta Arae volume are moderately successful, but require constant transapient intervention to avoid dissolution.There are also godlings like the heterodox Negentropist Megasov, who created a centralized command economy in a Dyson sphere.

There are many distributed entities, hive minds or tribe minds who ignore the market system within their own society and hold all resources in common, and do not participate in trade with other systems in the Orion Arm Civilisation. The Silver Mind Collective (Simico) is one particularly successful example.

Such entities or societies compete only against the Universe and against entropy in order to thrive, and many resemble the ancient communist ideal even though most do not consider themselves to be communist states.
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