Pas Greenen

Pnas Greenen
Image from Steve Bowers

Colonised: 9001 AT Star: YTS 34356155-887-1
Type: K4V
Luminosity: 0.671 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 4890 ly

A minor colony world in Monoceros Outer Volume region, original home of the infamous Equalizer Civilization, now trying to forget its unhappy past.

This world was colonised by the Li T'ieh-kuai, a transapient colony ship from the Orion Federation which was determined to allow each colony to develop in its own way without posthuman influence.

The Equalizer movement emerged on Pas Greenen in 7233 AT, mostly in an attempt to regulate intelligence augmentation technology (IA). The ruling Planetary Directorate decided to ensure that all members of their society would have access to an equal level of augmentation technology, but found that augmentation levels began to rapidly increase, destabilising the culture in a way that was deemed unacceptable.

To prevent their society evolving into something they perceived as a state of chaos, the Directorate legislated against excessive augmentation, ensuring that every citizen attained an intelligence level equal to the most able person in the civilisation. To ensure that no-one attempted to augment themselves beyond this level they instigated a world-wide monitoring system, ensuring that only augmentations approved by the consensus were allowed. In theory, the entire civilization would slowly advance in a controlled manner until the entire society transcended at the same time.

Unfortunately, over time the Directorate became conservative and risk-averse, consistently delaying any significant improvement in augmentation while ensuring that the entire civilisation became uniform and unimaginative.

The Equalizer Civilization that emerged used a novel form of modosophont level angelnet or guardweb system, which allowed every citizen to observe every other citizen and report any deviation from normative behavior. By this time the citizens of Pas Greenen had become cyborgised bionts of remarkably uniform type, each of which had software exoself systems designed to maintain a single dominant personality type and suppress deviancy.

The Equalizer Civilization spread from their YTS 34356155-887-1 home system to several dozen nearby stars, but failed due to the impossible task of maintaining the necessary modo-level guardweb over interstellar distances.

The Equalizer Civilization managed to retain power over the local systems for a few centuries with growing unrest and rebellions, but in the late 7800's AT, wars broke out to depose the Directorate. The Equalizer Civilization collapsed in the early 7900's AT, after the wars had wiped out most bionts in the volume.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 19 December 2001.