Equalizer Civilization

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The Equalizer Civilization began as a ideological/technocratic fundamentalist unification party of the minor colony world of Pas Greenen.

The Equalizer movement emerged on Pas Greenen in 7233 AT, mostly in an attempt to regulate intelligence augmentation technology (IA). The ruling Planetary Directorate decided to ensure that all members of their society would have access to an equal level of augmentation technology. They found that, once granted, augmentation levels began to rapidly increase, destabilising the culture in a way that was deemed unacceptable.

After unifying the local culture under its rule, The Equalizers developed into an infamous highly expansive anthropist and fundamentalist empire that attempted to implement true equality among all humans, human derived and biont civilizations by a regimen of nanosurgical mental modifications and massive agent software networks. The economy was an attempted autotopia, and politically the Equalizers were anarcho-communists who implemented ubiquitous surveillance on a local, planetary and even interstellar scale.

The Equalizer Civilization that emerged from this, used a form of modosophont level angelnet or guardweb system, which allowed every citizen to observe every other citizen and report any deviation from normative behavior. By this time the citizens of Pas Greenen had become cyborgised bionts of remarkably uniform type, each of which had software exoself systems designed to maintain a single dominant personality type and suppress deviancy.

Beginning in the 7600's, The Equalizer Civilization blossoms in the sparsely inhabited Monoceros Outer Volume region among a number of relatively low tech local systems. In the 7800's, the Equalizer Civilization becomes an expansionist nanarchic empire. With growing unrest and rebellions, this new empire manages to retain power over the local systems, but in the late 7800's AT, wars broke out to depose the Directorate. The Equalizer Civilization collapsed in the early 7900's AT, after the wars had wiped out most bionts in the volume.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 24 October 2001.