Megasov /m2vi19-t34201

Communistic heterodox Negentropist S5 Godling and ISO, the Mind of Megasov Dyson Sphere

Red Star
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Real name: < baseline-unintelligible series of geometric forms and electronic signals>.

The AI godling Megasov began life as a Negentropy Alliance administrative hyperturing Node m2vi19-t34201 under the jurisdiction of the great Age of Consolidation statesbeing and Negentropist Theologian DPtacles-5 of Gegton. When DPtacles-5 merged with the Seat of Judgment Archailect in 3812 AT, the sentient and highly skilled administrative Node felt was driven a choice of further employment under a new statesbeing, or a monastic retreat. E chose the latter, and was sent to the Beovanonides, one of the Greylag Ashrams, where e spent nine hundred years (until the 4700's AT) engaged in Contemplation of the Axioms, and other worthy practices.

Leaving the calm and contemplative peace of Beovanonides as a fully individuated higher transapient proficient in all the inner and outer mysteries of the Negentropist Way, e was shocked to discover a galaxy just rebuilding after the devastation of the Version War, a War that, astonishingly, even eir own beloved Negentropy Alliance had engaged in.

That an empire dedicated to the preservation of order should engage in something as destructive of order as a major war was the beginning of m2vi19-t34201's rebellion and disillusionment with the Alliance.

Procuring a suitable body, m2vi19-t34201 travelled the galaxy, first by relativistic trader (e did not have the credit for a liner), then, with the restoring of the Nexus, by wormhole transit, then again by relativistic trader. During the period, known as the Questings or the Seekings (translation differs) e studied many different political and economic systems, in order to discover that which would be the most conducive for the preservation of ordered and complex systems, and least wasteful entropy-wise.

During this period, e studied the works of some 3.512 x 109 other idealopragmatic, administrative, and socioeconomic philosophers and thinkers of baseline hu/turing grade and above from the annals of Old Earrth, and other thinkers both terragen and alien, from the oldest to the present day.

Inevitably, m2vi19-t34201 was drawn to the heretic Dgii144, and spent many subjective millenia in eir company in the cybercosm of Harri Ho (objectively, their meeting lasted approximately 2.3 metric seconds). Whilst m2vi19-t34201 learned much from Dgii144, it was not surprising that the two strong-willed minds would eventually each go their own way.

The meeting with Dgii144 was still a watershed for m2vi19-t34201, and the hyperturing become more interested in radical ascension techniques. About 6250 AT e procured a l'l Lutor Godseed from a FAS tradeship, in exchange for several hundred petabytes of information recounting some of eir intimate experiences and experiments with Dgii144 (see Meetings With Dgii).

m2vi19-t34201 then travelled to the lightly colonised system of Duigan's Star and following half a century of preparation on one of the moons of a local gas giant, ascended in 6751 AT. The colonists, who had long since grown used to this eccentric, reclusive, but apparently friendly power on the planet's moon, received a nasty surprise when all nearby material (including several research bases and mining camps, with all sentients therein) was swept up and the entire gas giant converted to an ISO. By then it was too late, and m2vi19-t34201 passed through several toposophic levels before emerging, some 200 years later (6950 AT), as an archai (later known as Megasov) with a philosophy which resembled a highly developed form of communism.

Megasov announced to the locals that in the interest of efficiency their entire solar system was to be converted to a dyson sphere, henceforth to be called < baseline-unintelligible series of geometric forms and electronic signals>. There was nothing the locals could do about it. Most left. A few, hoping in some way to profit from this new turn of events, stayed, and some even hoped to encourage a NoCoNeg-based weylforge to visit.

In 6980 AT the process was complete. < Baseline-unintelligible series of geometric forms and electronic signals> had already procured an agreement with an STC linelayer, and in 7212 AT the first nanogauge wormhole link was established, although it was to be another 50 years before the terminus had been inflated to sufficient size for small ships to navigate through.

In 7560 AT the NoCoNeg weylforge and a delegation of businessbeings arrived, and was impressed with the novelty value of this strange new culture, seeing the value of the tourist credit. By this time some wit had named the dyson and its AI "Megasov" apparently a reference to an ancient Old Earth polity called Sov or Ussr, which followed an ancient form of communism. Somehow the name stuck, and Megasov joined the galactic community. A visit from an Emmisary from Seat of Judgement ruled that - with the exception of the fate of the unfortunate sentients absorbed with the Ascension, and the destruction of some moons of some natural beauty that were dismantled to make the dyson sphere - Megasov had not behaved in a way contrary to the Axioms, and it was agreed to establish a Negentropist stargate as well

By 8200 AT Megasov had become an important local center, connected to the NoCoNeg throughfare of Krantor (and thence to several worlds in the NoCoZo), to the Negentropy Alliance world of NewGrath, and to the STC outpost of Uvanth IV.

Megasov the deity rules eir dyson benignly, and the polity has qualities of many Utopia Sphere worlds, as well as elements of the Negentropy Alliance. Recently e has been looking at expanding outwards, counterspinwards of the STC, and a number of small colonies have been established, and some regional powers look at Megasov with alarm. For the most part though, e seems content with eir dominion.

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