L'l Lutor
Aka Luthors, aka Lex, aka Zexxies, aka Luxors, aka Protties, aka M.L's, aka Little Lucifers. A clarketech godseed created by the ISO Lut'or. It confers radical thinking and often a complete change of orientation, along with ascension.

L'l Lutor requires far more preparation than the better known godseeds like SNARE, is notorious for the number of associated perversities and psychoses, and is illegal throughout much of the Civilized Galaxy (even the TRHN are reluctant to provide it, at least in public). Their notoriety has made them highly sought after and valuable, but is perhaps bad publicity more than anything else, for a equal number of famous and succesful asensions and transcensions are also associated with it, and it is highly regarded among hyperturings seeking rapid ascension. Not recommended for any sentient of less than SI:2.
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  • Godseed - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Generic term for any device that can bring about a radical ascension in the user's toposophic status, or the toposophic status of any sentient or sub-sentient to which it is applied. Many godseeds can exert a catastrophic effect on the user, or result in ascensions among the unprepared or maladjusted that result in perversities. For this reason the technology has become proscribed in many polities. Some well-known godseeds include Atzilut Sparkles, SNARE , the Olympus Pill, and Vinge's Revenge. There is a flourishing blackmarket traffic in godseeds, especially in less regulated regions of the galaxy.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 December 2001.