Megasov System, The

Utopian, quasi-communistic system.

Image from Steve Bowers
The Megasov Suprastellar Shell is illuminated by orbiting 'ministars', which draw power from the star within the shell. Red intelligent superobjects dot the surface of this structure.

Megasov System, - Data Panel

Primary:Durran's (Durrian's) Star
Stellar Type:M2 type Red dwarf
Region:Middle Regions, Arae Sector, 709 ly from Sol
Planets:Originally one large midjovian, four microjovians, two rockballs, four ice dwarfs, assorted moons and comets. Currently everything except for some Kuiper and Oort material has been converted into Megasov Dyson, a dynamically supported sphere with an artificial habitat on the outside.
AIAI overseer: Megasov (SI:3.5 Godling, distributed throughout the dyson and beyond)

AI's ethos: Quasi-Communist Utopian hetero-Negentropist
Psyche, Art, CultureMetapsychology: pragmatic, cooperative, idealistic, patriotic, helpful, friendly
Metaethics: communistic, socialistic, cybercentralistic, utilitarian

Religion/Ideology: Dialectical Negentropism is the official memeticity, adopted by 83% of the population, but there is freedom of worship and belief, and the system hosts large Orthodox Negentropist, St Marxist, Universal Church, MPA Materialist, Sociopantheistic, Old Style Utopist, and other memeticities as well. It is not unusual for a citizen to hold several religions and ideologies at once, and do not see a contradiction between them.
Culture and Art:Language: Although the official language is NuiDuganese (a combination of a number of biont, vec, cyborg, aioid languages), Anglic, Brev, CACC (Corona AI Council Code), DNIS (Direct Neural Interface Standard, Vecspeak, Douh, Libspek (Duganic sub-dialects), Nuislavonic, and NoCoNegese Whitneey, are also spoken by various clades and subclades.
Territory and Population Population: 5 billion

Population breakdown: an eclectic mix of vecs, aioids, nearbaselines, heteromorphics, tweaks (both standard environment and exrepmophiles), splices, provolves, rianths, cyborgs, bioborgs, virtuals, aliens, posthumans, and free hyperturings

Territories: all peri-system icy halo bodies are claimed by the SSC. The following star systems are claimed: Jacobi, Terrenc 67, Van Happy's Star, and Steely Pastiche (all small Near Outer Volume colonies counterspinwards of the STC)

Immigration, Emigration:
annual immigration of 3.6% through immigration from the Negentropy Alliance, Utopia Sphere, Old Core Worlds, and Communion (mostly excess population taking advantage of Megasov's 'new deal, new world' living space)
annual emigration of 0.8% to all vectors
Government and Administration Government Type State (Megasov) Control through cybercratic supervision, local cyberdemocracy
Administrative divisions: the dyson is divided into 144 Administrative Districts, each with its own Controller (each controller is a subroutine of Megasov) and locally elected council.

National holidays: Ascension Day, Declaration Day (anniversary of declaration of polityhood), Sophont's Day, also many minor holidays

Constitution: The Sophonts Socialistic Document of Polity

Legal system: Adapted from Negentropist, Utopic, and Free Cybersocialistic principles, recognised as valid throughout the Nexus (and occasionally adopted by utopian polity-makers) .
Economics, Local InfrastructureEconomy: Command economy, centralised, slightly modified from classic Negentropist supervision and ai intervention

Currency: Communal Credit

Major Industries: nanonic templates, ISO parts, general machinery, ship and vec parts, tourism, educational virches, memetics, software and wetware, persona compoids, management/administration services, office machinery, expert systems, crude organobiota.

Angelnetting : Full angelnetting in inhabited and security sectors only. Partial angelnets in manufacturing and developing sectors

Major Orbitals:
none. The entire system is a dyson sphere
1. Sophont's Purchase to Uvanth IV (STC outpost)
2. Try Anything Once to Krantor (NoCoNeg commerce/portal world)
3. Wish Upon a Star to NewGrath (Negentropy Alliance)

Major Spaceports: Marx, Trotsky, Mao, Castro, Davence, Alvarez, Hammond-4, Chenkon

Hazard Rating : In regulated areas - 0.0
Outside angelnet regulation - 0.1 to 0.3 (small chance of accident through natural mishap)
Industrial zones : travel forbidden without special pass

Visa Restrictions : none
Freedom of Movement : Forbidden near ai nodes, power generators, relays, and other essential points (note: lethal force may be used against trespassers), also safety regulations mean no travel in restricted (industrial) zones without the required permits.
Environmental Requirements : Only a small part of the dyson is currently pressurised with terran-standard atmosphere. For the rest, please take your own environment. Note that certain sectors have been adapted for exotic environments (corrosive atmosphere, thermophile, etc.).

Sites of Interest: Ascension Monument, Great Hall, Dgii144 Park, The Sophont's Palace, The Zooeum of Historical PsychoSocioEconomic Philosophers, DPtacles-5 Civic Center, The Science and Industry Museumplex, The State Ethology Gardens.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 22 July 2002.