Groups and Organizations
The Terragen Sphere has a variety of interstellar organizations, filling a broad range of functions, that are not clearly institutes or megacorps or religions, though in some cases they may have similar traits or elements to organizations and groups that fall into those categories.
  • Aimhem  - Text by Anders Sandberg; slightly modified by M. Alan Kazlev
    A Negentropist organization, the Association for Interstellar Mental Health Monitoring was created in the wake of the social and psychological damage caused by the Version War.
  • Algol Broadcasting Foundation  - Text by HÃ¥kan Andersson
    A small to medium-sized broadcasting entity affiliated to the NoCoZo, based around the star Algol.
  • Andian Mission  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    A mission launched in the wake of the Version war in 4744 AT by NoCoZo groups with support from the Sophic League and MPA, to contact and aid 'lost' worlds and spread news of the peace. An arm of the original organization is still active in support and exploration as the Outer Volume Andian Mission in the Carina-Vela Outer Volumes and beyond the Aquila Rift.
  • BoB  - Text by John B
    A.K.A. the Board of Boards - a NoCoZo for-profit organization founded in 7003 which provides a subscription service alerting of suspicious business practices when detected amongst the various regulatory boards.
  • Comparative Chronology  - Text by ProxCenBound
    Comparative chronology is the science of studying alternate possibilities and timelines, by means of large-scale simulations.
  • Encyclopaedia Galactica, The  - Text by Selden Ball
    Encyclopaedaic database that aims to include comprehensive information on Terragen history and galactography, amongst other subjects
  • Fair and Foul Crew, The   - Text by Madine
    The Fair and Foul Crew were a tightly-knit organization of transavants who acted as consultants and advisors for hire to various polities and nongovernmental bodies- operating primarily in the rapidly-reorganizing regions formerly controlled by Cygexpa.
  • Humanity First!  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Interplanetary Age anti-ai reactionary activist group; later a religion.
  • KROME1101  - Text by Stephen Inniss
    A militant vec protection organization.
  • League of Legitimate Businessbeings  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Interstellar crime syndicate. Started as a beamed power conglomerate in the Linnent and Terranovan colonies, the first singularity League of Legitimate Businessbeings expanded into meteoroid and asteroid control, and provided protection for spacecraft on interplanetary transfer orbits.
  • PADO, the Perseus Arm Defence Organisation  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    A treaty organisation of all empires and systems involved in the struggle against the Amalgamation.
  • Sepulchre Variations, The  - Text by Liam Jones
    One of the oldest collections of virchworlds, consisting of a vast array of grotesque and eerie iconography adapted to hundreds of different clades.
  • Simply Connect!  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Anti-wormhole organisation, developed from the controversial interpretations of Z-Theory by a minor aspect of Keter (consciousness cluster 348, in the Feldrim system) and eir school of hermeneutic researchers.
  • Skypirates of Ember, The  - Text by Mike Miller
    Hobbyists who stage competitive sky battles in outsized aircraft, styling themselves as 'pirates'.
  • Society of the Metempsykosids  - Text by Xandeross
    a subculture defined by its particular approach to the technology and culture of mind state backups and longevity.
  • Trust Networks  - Text by MacGregor and Rynn
    Trust networks are closed trade, communication, and travel zones, that share common security protocols for the purposes of safety.
  • United Nations (Earth)  - Text by MacGregor
    A large and important intergovernmental organization on Old Earth, composed of nearly all sovereign nation-states then existing, at one point reaching over 200 members.
  • Universal Rescue  - Text by Ben Higginbottom
    Originally formed as a disaster response team created to deal with a local event in the Utopia Sphere, over the last 3500 years Universal Rescue has spread to become the most widely supported charitable organization within Terragen space. With a staff ranging from rianths and nearbaseline humans aioids and vecs through to transapients, and believed to be headed by an S3 Posthuman, UR has recruited crisis management and disaster relief teams from every empire and polity without prejudice, provided that they have a desire to help their fellow sophonts.
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Initially published on 08 January 2016.

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