No Humans
Image from Steve Bowers

A militant vec protection organization. The membership consists entirely of modosophont vecs and the organization has a strong anti-biont and anti-AI agenda and a deep distrust of all transapients.

Bionts, and especially humans, are considered to be corrupt and inferior. AIs who are resident in computronium and do not have a 'home' body are viewed as untrustworthy and manipulative and lacking in the true vec virtues. Transapients of all kinds are viewed as fundamentally dangerous. KROME1101 is known to have a number of militant terrorist subgroups, but other factions limit themselves to political action, pursuing a separatist and elitist agenda for all vec individuals and polities.

The organization has a long list of 'enemies', ranging from obvious targets such as the Zoeific Biopolity to vec based organizations such as Metasoft or the Institute for Vec Progress. Most in the Sephirotic regions regard KROME1101 as more an irritant than a threat, but the organization's memetic campaigns remain popular with plebvecs. Elsewhere, it rules entire star systems and has lead to the death or subjugation of many billions of sophonts, including not only non-vecs but any vecs opposed to its aims.

KROME1101 claims to date back to some mining vecs who freed themselves from their 'slave' asimovec conditioning during the late Interplanetary Age in Solsys, but this has never been confirmed.

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 12 October 2009.