Institute for Vec Progress

Image from Juan Ochoa

The Institute for Vec Progress is a group, modelled on and inspired by the Institute for Primate Provolution, devoted to the provolution and general advancement of bots and vecs. Persecuted by Metasoft extremists during the Version War for supposed Revisionist beliefs, as the leaders of the IVP refused to adhere to the Metasoft standards, the IVP was nearly extinguished in a series of genocidal actions against its members and clients and might well have been extinguished if it were not for protection from its parent organization IPP and from other supporters of toposphic diversity.

After the Version War the surviving members of the IVP moved their headquarters away from the Inner Sphere entirely. The IVP remains a thorn in the side to hardline members of the Version Tree, but is highly regarded by many other major powers.

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 12 October 2009.