Federal Institute for Moravecs, The
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Founded as the Federal Institute for Moravec Robot Rights , later renamed the Federal Institute for Moravec Robots, and finally (in 1345 AT) it became the Federal Institute for Moravecs.

This institute was formed in the first amendment of the Vesta Convention in 998. A sister institution of the Federal Institute of Provolution, its remit was effectively identical: To protect the rights of existing vecs and oversee the creation of new ones. One particular area of interest for the FIMR was the toposophic advancement of presapient robots by raising them to full sophonce.

In practice, it was never opposed to the creation of vecs with subservient personalities so long as their legal rights were not infringed. Several Bot Marxist documents from the Middle Federation era savagely criticised the FIMR for this policy, and it became a favourite intellectual target of the early Silicon Generation.
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