PADO, the Perseus Arm Defence Organisation

Image from Steve Bowers

The threat of the Amalgamation led to the formation of the Perseus Arm Defense Organisation in 9187, a treaty organisation of all empires and systems involved in the struggle against the Amalgamation. Most active in this organisation are the Solar Dominion and Metasoft, and the new sephirotic daughter empire known as the Perseus Princes. The Organisation has significant power in the region, running its own fleets and defense systems and often getting involved in local politics.

The Perseus Princes are on good terms with the local xenosophonts, such as the Muuh and the Soft Ones, and a number of automated squadrons controlled by the Muuh System of Response have joined PADO. A small number of Panvirtuality hypernodes are also sympathetic to the Organisation, and although they are not members, they have constructed defence systems around their stars which are informally committed to assist the Organisation in any conflict.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 19 December 2001.