New Sol - The Sol-Multiverse

Binary red dwarf system containing a dyson swarm and a large number of virtual and real alternate ecosystems

new sol
Image from Steve Bowers

New Sol: the Sol-Multiverse - data panel

SystemNew Sol, a binary system
RegionMiddle Regions, near Medius (MPA Volumes)
Star 1name '101': mass 0.25 Sol: Spectral Type MO
PlanetsNo Planets: Dyson swarm at 0.387 AU ranges from small habitats to
moon sized nodes.
Star 2name '1000': mass originally 0.25 Sol; a portion of the mass of this star has been lifted for use in the costruction of the Sol-Multiverse Dyson Swarm: Spectral Type M0
Separation12 AU
Oort CloudVarious small objects orbiting both stars further out.
AI and Politics1 10 11 (SI:4)
AI Ethos.Dixolutionist, Pro virtual, Non Interventionist.
Population1 10 11 and eir proxbots.
No physical modosophont population, Many varied Virtual Inhabitants within the comptronium of the dyson belt.
Polity NameSol-Multiverse.
Political system:Aiocracy: Direct AI rule.
SymbolStylized Sol and Earth superimposed with a question mark.
Capital:None (Virtual) Millions of varying polities
Affiliation:Officially Neutral, links to MPA and Caretakers
EconomyCurrency: Sol-Multiverse polity accepts all MPA currencies for external trade. None used internally. Varies by Virtual Polity
Trading Partners MPA,Other Sephirotics, Caretakers, some nearby small off-nexus system
Export of ; Templates of Virch worlds, Biont Encoding Protocol based on evolved life forms. Neogene assistance software and tutorials, Virtual and Avatar Tourism. Some import of organic material and other matter.
TransportStargate 500 meter wormhole The Way Out (to Medius)
Visa Restrictions: Immigration restricted to virtual entities only. Non-virtuals may be given assistance to enable uploading into virtual form.
Immigration very minimal. Usually consists of agreeing to remain virtual and acknowledging sentient rights, though some virtual polities may have additional requirements. Immigration not permitted to non virtuals except those who have consented to destructive uploading.
Freedom of movementAll Non-virtual modosophonts in system are required remain on board their vessels. Some industrial areas off limits. Some SI:1 + above permitted
into neogen inhabited habs provided they agree to given transapient protocols.
Hazard Rating1 - 2 Collisions possible in densely populated areas, All
pilots advised to download local navigation data and software. Extending to 4 for those who attempt unauthorized access to facilities

New Sol becomes the Sol Multiverse

1 10 11's symbol
Image from Chris0033547
As a resource-poor middle regions system, especially lacking in volatiles with no planets or terraforming, and of no strategic value whatsoever, New Sol was passed over by most colonists, and was home to only a few habitats and a small population of vecs, superturings, arid tweaks, idealists and eccentrics.

As the residents often argued over resources, no one paid much attention when an interstellar single ship carrying the virtual entity 1 10 11 arrived and claimed the system before begining mining asteroids for the construction of a habitat near the star known as '101'. However after construction was completed e rapidly ascended several toposophic levels(many suggest e had brought a godseed/virtual Transcension Maze with em to the system, or was concealing eir true toposophic status somehow). 1 10 11 then began mining the companion star and launching the material via mass driver to eir construction facilities in order to accelerate the construction of a Dyson Swarm. When e announced that a wormhole was on the way, the few remaining colonists chose to leave to find a quieter star system.

This rapid and peaceful evacuation suggests that some sort of memetic engineering was used, although the exact form this took has not been determined.

Alternate Evolution Simulations

Today the system is known for the Dyson Swarm around the star 101, and the diverse virtual worlds it contains, dedicated to the simulation of Alternate Terragen Evolution. Most of these virtual worlds simulate a version of Old Earth and the Solar System in the current era, where some variable in the past has changed the course of natural and biological evolution to create very different worlds.

Virch worlds popular with modosophonts include those where early nanotech wiped out humans before the interplanetary age, an Earth affected by nuclear war, a solar system where Jupiter became a second star, one without the K-T impact event,as well as more quixotic words with different gravitational constants or values of c, etc.

These worlds always encompass a distance equivalent to 1 light day (Earth Time) from Sol. All of these worlds are linked by virtual portals which allow only sophonts to pass between worlds. In 1 10 11 's personal worlds it is possible only to sense and learn about the environment but not to interact with it in any way. However 1 10 11 has copied many of these alternate worlds for virtual inhabitants to colonise and modify as they see fit. In this way it appears that e can maintain a pristine copy of each ecosystem while also observing the impact of habitation on a separate instance.

Neogen habitats

While the vast majority of ecosystems exist only as high fidelity virches, according to transapient visitors some of the worlds have been engenerated as physical neogen ecosystems in some of the larger habitats, starting during the early construction phase and continuing to today. Information on these real-life alternate ecosystems is sketchy, due to the policy restrictions on physical presence in the habs. However all who have visited them confirm that the habs are home to non-sophont life only. One of the more open transapient visitors has disclosed that one hab is home to a land-based ecosystem based on radial symmetry.

All of the dyson swarm components, including the neogen habitats, have the same external physical configuration, varying only in size. Observers with the appropriate visual abilities have noted unique patterns in infrared on the outside of each structure. 1 10 11 maintains that this is simply abstract art decoration, and a number of visiting transapients have confirmed that each pattern appears to be unique yet random.

1 10 11 's ship nodes operating displacement drives can be seen in nearby systems off the Nexus offering the chance of uploading and immigration to vecs and bionts alike, also 1 10 11 's ship nodes traverse regularly to Medius where a small presence at one of the spaceports is maintained. Here 1 10 11 provides destructive uploading facilities for vecs and bionts wishing to immigrate to New Sol.

Cargo ships from New Sol visit Medius and other systems regularly to trade various kinds of resources. Notably 1 10 11 often charters vessels with modosophont crews to exchange data with various Caretaker Gods, and this seems to be one of the few times e will rely on modos rather than his own proxbots.
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Initially published on 03 June 2009.