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SystemName: Vaishali
Components: 2
1) Vaishali (Tau Boötis A)
2) Vajji (Tau Boötis B)
- Distance from Muphrid: 13.84 ly (J2000)
- Distance from Sol: 50.92 ly (J2000)
- Constellation: Boötes
VaishaliNames: Vaishali, Tau Boötis A, 4 Boötis A, Gliese 527 A (GJ 527 A), HD 120136, HIP 67275, HR 5185
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 1.35 x Sol
- Radius: 1.42 x Sol
- Temperature: 6,387 Kelvin
- Luminosity: 3.02 x Sol (bolometric)
- Spectral type: F7 V
- Rotation period: 3.312 days
- Age: 1.3 billion years
1) Licchavi: Videntian HyperpyroazuriJovian HydrogeoBarian
Semi-major axis = 0.04869 AU, Orbital period = 3.312 days, Eccentricity = 0.0074, Mass = 6.24 x Jupiter, Radius = 1.2 x Jupiter
VajjiNames: Vajji, Tau Boötis B, 4 Boötis B, Gliese 527 B (GJ 527 B)
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 0.49 x Sol
- Radius: 0.48 x Sol
- Temperature: 3,580 Kelvin
- Luminosity: 0.034 x Sol (bolometric)
- Spectral type: M2 V
- Age: 1.3 billion years
Binary orbitOrbital characteristics:
- Average separation: 221 AU
- Orbital period: 2,420 years
- Eccentricity: 0.87

The system's lone jovian planet Licchavi, also referred to by a somewhat poetic name of Millennium, both for its supposed discovery date in the Common Era calendar and the arrival date of the first colonists in the Tranquility calendar, is home to the Millenium Zetetic Institute. This institute, founded in 2331 AT, is dedicated to the study of esoteric, unusual and inexplicable phenomena. From ghosts to doppelgangers, zombies to yufoes, clairvoyance to divination, magic to psionics, the Zetetic Institute records it all. It also studies the innumerable cases of deception, hoaxing and fraud that occur in the field of the paranormal. As a sociological discipline this is possibly the most significant of the Institute's various specialisations.

In recent centuries the Institute has widened its field of interest to cover coincidences and synchronicity; in a civilisation that includes 300 quintillion sophont beings, even extravagantly unlikely coincidences are relatively numerous. Repeat lottery winners and tales of unlikely survival are two of the many statistical outliers that happen every day in the Terragen Sphere.

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