The scientific, parascientific, or ascientific study of magic and miracles.

True Thaumaturgy is distinguished from Technothaumaturgy, or miracles performed using advanced technology. While Technothaumaturgy is well known (and sometimes goes under the popular term "clarketech") the existence of psychic, occult, and/or supernaturalist thaumaturgy, involving results brought about through magical ritual, mantras, shamanism, and meditation is controversial, and whilst there have been some astonishing instances, these have never been verified under strict laboratory conditions. Nevertheless, on occasion even higher toposophic minds have often shown an interest in thaumaturgy.
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  • Technothaumaturgy - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    What appears to be magic or miracles (see thaumaturgy) brought about through the use of advanced technology, especially clarketech.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 January 2002.