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Old myth that xenobionts traveling in small disc shaped craft had been visiting Earth for thousands of years prior to the first Singularity.

Most UFOs were believed to originate from Zeta Reticuli, although the system was colonised and no trace of UFOs were found. From the First Federation period onwards, ufos were combined with whatever myth and folklore was current at the time. UFOism is consistently unscientific and irrational, but has always remained a popular meme. One current version proposes that UFOs consist of several warring races, including one in league (or identical) with the Dawn Hunters, and another opposing it. UFO-worship is most common among nearbaselines. However, the so called "Galactic Council of Andromeda" school of UFO-ism teaches that UFOs are part of a galactic council of enlightened clarketech-equipped SI:>>1 sophonts from the Andromeda Galaxy (in another version, from the Virgo Cluster) who are visiting Terragens to teach them peaceful coexistence between different empires and clades.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 15 December 2001.