Zeta2 Reticuli

System inhabited by a single entity

Image from Steve Bowers
Tjetvir, the only rocky planet in this system; the entity known as Ziggy maintains a strong presence on this world

Diamond Network colony with one single AI inhabitant, known as Ziggy.

Zeta2 Reticuli was reached in approximately 1250 AT by an ahuman probe ship. The entity proceeded to build sophisticated defences around this star, although this activity was barely detectable from the nearby Zeta1 Reticuli colonies, and the entity did not respond to e-m transmissions. The first attempt to contact this entity by exploration ship disappeared in 1799 without trace. a follow-up expedition in 1805 returned with only one survivor, who gave an incoherent and often inconsistent account of events.

Despite rejecting any contact attempts, Ziggy seems to have been curious about eir new neighbours; several well-disguised probes entered the system over the next thousand years, sometimes entering the atmospheres of Atlantis, Prometheus and Daedalus II in forms that resembled meteors or large birds. Accounts of unidentified 'Foo' craft on these worlds were sometimes discovered to be due to Ziggy's spy drones.

Ziggy appears to have ascended to the Second Singularity in 2700 AT (give-or-take a century or so). This entity then became quiescent for nearly six thousand years; no further traffic passed between these two stars, apart from rare contact with the local NoCoZo archailects and emissaries from the Diamond Network inviting Ziggy to join their respective empires. Finally in 8522, after transcending to S:3 Ziggy agreed to join the Diamond Network, saying that e had been dreaming solitary transapient dreams for far too long.

Ziggy is now a relatively good neighbour to the Sephirotic worlds of Zeta1; e maintains that e cannot recall anything in detail about the early years of eir existence in this system, except a few dark nightmares. Visitors to this system can take trips in Ziggy's flying saucers over the planets and moons, craft which only vaguely resemble the original probe devices.

Lost Colony
Image from Terry Robinson
The Lost Colony; a comic about the ill-fated 1805 expedition

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 22 September 2016.